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18.11.2021 10:00 OBDonUDS - What's Behind the New Diagnostic Standard?
Stuttgart, GERMANY, 2021-11-18 – Vector offers a ready-to-use toolchain for the new diagnostic standard SAE J1979-2 (“OBDonUDS”). The new standard will be introduced in the USA from 2023 and will be mandatory from 2027. The SAE J1979 standard describes in detail how On-Board Diagnostics (OBD) data may be read from a vehicle using an external diagnostic device. In the future, the new OBDonUDS standard (SAE J1979-2) requires the use of UDS (Unified Diagnostic Services) for reading out OBD data. Tools must be made fit for the new standard across all areas of vehicle diagnostic development.
09.11.2021 10:00 New Compact Ethernet Interfaces for Portable Use
Stuttgart, GERMANY, 2021-11-09 – Vector now presents the VN5611 and N5612 hardware, both compact and handy interfaces for Automotive Ethernet applications. Users benefit from flexible configuration and usage options in the Ethernet environment. Advantages such as Ethernet Monitoring and individual access options to the network under test are characteristic for both devices.
14.10.2021 10:00 Challenging Tests for Camera Sensors with DYNA4
Stuttgart, GERMANY, 2021-10-14 – Vector releases the new version 6 of DYNA4, the tool for virtual test driving. DYNA4 R6 expands the possibilities for testing ADAS functions through a variety of improvements in the environment sensor models and the visualization of scenarios. In addition, users benefit from new functions of the simulation standards ASAM OSI for sensor data communication as well as the road network ASAM OpenDRIVE.
28.09.2021 10:00 Ensuring Quality – Vector Relies on Keysight for VT System Hardware Testing and Calibration Service
Stuttgart/Böblingen, GERMANY, 2021-09-28 - Stuttgart-based Vector announces the launch of an exclusive collaboration with Keysight Technologies, a worldwide acting and leading calibration service provider. The aim is to enable Vector's customers to use VT System hardware especially in areas where specifications of the development process and quality management require regular control and compliance with the system specification. Keysight's ISO/IEC 17025:2017 compliant calibration services help ensure that these quality requirements are met.
10.08.2021 10:00 X-by-Construction: Vector is an Active Participant in the EU Research Project XANDAR
Stuttgart/GERMANY, 2021-08-10 – Based on its expertise as an embedded software specialist, Vector is supporting the XANDAR project that was initiated by the EU in January. XANDAR stands for "X-by-Construction Design Framework for Engineering Autonomous & Distributed Real-time Embedded Software Systems." The goal of the project is to build up a framework for prototyping embedded software for autonomous systems within the next three years.
07.07.2021 10:00 Indigo 8 - Exact-fit Diagnostic Tester with Remote Functionality
Stuttgart, GERMANY, 2021-07-07 - With version 8 of the vehicle diagnostic tester Indigo, Vector offers new possibilities to individualize and optimize remote diagnostics. With the new Plugin Installer Concept and the Software Development Kit (SDK), the user customizes the Indigo functionality. In addition, remote diagnostics with Indigo 8 offers a comprehensive safety concept with further optimized Vector Online Services, without any restrictions on ease of use.
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