Vector Publishes Valuable Know-How on the New CAN XL Technology
Stuttgart, GERMANY, 2023-11-30 Together with Bosch, Vector has developed and now published the first poster to date on the new CAN XL technology available on the market. The DIN A1 poster, which can be ordered free of charge, offers development and test engineers valuable know-how as well as a quick overview of the most important technical specifications of CAN XL.  

The next evolutionary stage of CAN technology is called CAN XL, and the associated technical specification documents have recently become available to users. Compared to the predecessor technology CAN FD, the new CAN XL technology offers faster, higher and more flexible data transport. Vector has been one of the leading experts in the development of CAN technology for decades and is an important partner for Bosch. Since the presentation of CAN technology in 1986 and the founding of Vector in 1988, the two companies have been connected by a constructive technology partnership.

During the development of the new CAN XL poster, Dr. Arthur Mutter and Florian Hartwich, both employees at Bosch, provided advice and content reviews. As a sign of the close cooperation, the developer of the poster, Peter Decker, CAN Product Manager at Vector, presented the new CAN XL poster to representatives of the Bosch CAN XL development team.

The DIN A1 poster is the first and only one to date that summarizes important technical innovations in CAN XL technology in a compact and clear way at a glance. Vector thus offers users worldwide the opportunity to quickly familiarize themselves with the new technology. In addition to numerous other Vector posters, the new CAN XL poster can also be ordered free of charge from the Vector website.

The development and publication of technology posters already has a long tradition at Vector. The posters are extremely popular due to their user-friendly presentation of technical specifications. With a print run of 60,000 copies in Germany alone, the poster on CAN/CAN FD technology is still one of Vector's most successful to date. With the poster on the new CAN XL technology, Vector is once again doing pioneering work and at the same time supporting CAN technology users worldwide with its expertise.

The online form for ordering the free-of-charge CAN XL poster can be found on the Vector web page:

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Vector is the leading manufacturer of software tools and embedded components for the development of electronic systems and their networking with many different systems from CAN to Automotive Ethernet.
Vector has been a partner of automotive manufacturers and suppliers and related industries since 1988. Vector tools and services provide engineers and software developers with the decisive advantage to make a challenging and highly complex subject area as simple and manageable as possible. Vector employees work on electronic innovations for the automotive industry every day. Worldwide customers in the automotive, commercial vehicles, aerospace, transportation, and control technology industries rely on the solutions and products of the independent Vector Group for the development of technologies for future mobility.
Vector worldwide currently employs more than 3,500 people with sales of EUR 1.06 billion in 2022. Vector is headquartered in Germany (Stuttgart) and has subsidiaries in Brazil, China, France, Great Britain, India, Italy, Japan, Austria, Romania, Sweden, South Korea, Spain and the USA.

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Figure 1 (from left to right): Peter Decker, Vector CAN Product Manager, presents the new CAN XL poster to Gregor Sunderdiek, Bosch IP Product Manager, Dr Arthur Mutter, Chairman of the CAN XL working group at CAN in Automation e.V. (CiA) and Bosch Senior Expert for Networking Technologies, Florian Hartwich, Bosch Senior Consultant for Networking Technologies and Andreas König, Bosch Director Product Area Intellectual Property. Image rights: Vector Informatik GmbH

 Download der hochauflösenden Version...
Figure 2: The DIN A1 poster developed by Vector and Bosch provides a compact overview of the new CAN XL technology and can be ordered free of charge from the Vector website. Image rights: Vector Informatik GmbH
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