Faster Development Processes for DC Charging Stations Thanks to Partnership Between Vector and AST International
Stuttgart, Calw, GERMANY, 2024-07-04 – The software and charging controller manufacturer Vector and the sensor specialist AST International are now offering a joint solution for the development of DC charging stations. This ensures the compatibility of the communication protocols of the Vector vSECC charging controller and the AST DC Meter. For charging station manufacturers, this results in a convenient plug-and-play solution that shortens development times and enables full integration.

The integration of energy meters requires a combination of different communication protocols and often presents charging station manufacturers with high development and integration costs. To speed up these development processes, the vSECC controllers from Vector now offer a plug-and-play solution with the AST DC Meters (direct current energy meters) for transmitting the energy values via Ethernet and/or RS-485 interface. Bidirectional charging processes are also recorded in compliance with calibration law and transmitted from the AST DC Meter to the payment system.

The vSECC Controllers (Supply Equipment Communication Controller) from Vector control the charging communication between electric vehicles, charging station components and backend systems. The common charging standards such as CCS (Combined Charging System), NACS (North American Charging Standard), CHAdeMO (Japanese Charging Consortium) and, most recently, MCS (Megawatt Charging System) are supported. The product family certified for worldwide use currently comprises the following variants: the vSECC for fast charging stations with two charging points and pantographs, the compact vSECC.single for slim single charging points and the space-saving vSECC.single board for the development of intelligent wallboxes. The basis in each variant is the Linux-based vSECC software, which is pre-installed on all vSECC controllers.

For the continuously precise measurement of charging power, AST International offers product variants for fast charging stations up to 780 A, Megawatt Charging Systems (MCS) up to 1500 A and DC wallboxes up to 200 A, thus scaling compatibility to all areas of the DC charging infrastructure. Certified in accordance with German calibration law, the requirements of the European Measuring Instruments Directive (MID) and French calibration law, the AST DC Meters can be used in all countries. For use in North America, Underwriters Laboratories (UL) certification based on the safety requirements of UL 61010 has also been successfully completed.

The collaboration between Vector and AST simplifies the integration of fundamental DC charging station hardware and helps manufacturers to get the most out of its performance. “The partnership with AST simplifies the development processes of our customers, as they can rely on aligned communication between the vSECC charging communication controllers and AST DC Meters,” says Rebekka Jentzsch, Product Manager vSECC Controller (Vector).
“Fast development processes for new and more powerful charging stations are crucial for the expansion of the charging infrastructure. With the plug-and-play solution between Vector's vSECC controllers and our AST DC Meters, the integration effort for calibration-compliant communication is reduced to a minimum for charging station manufacturers. We are particularly proud to have found a partner in Vector in our region, the heart of the German automotive industry, to further drive the expansion of the charging infrastructure in Germany, Europe and internationally,” adds Marvin Stoll, Key Account Manager at AST International.

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About AST:

AST International is a technology leader, innovator and development partner for sensors and control systems. AST products operate with the highest accuracy and are used in functional and safety-relevant systems in various industries. AST is characterized by market or customer-specific developments, which are combined with the associated industrialization or process engineering with optimized time to market and highly automated series production. AST's customers include the world's leading companies in the energy infrastructure, industrial and mobility sectors. AST has been specializing in the development of electronics from its headquarters in Calw-Hirsau (northern Black Forest) for 40 years.
About Vector:

Vector is the leading manufacturer of software tools and components for the development of software-based electronic systems and their networking.

Vector knows the requirements of software and electronics development. And has done so for 35 years. As "simplifiers", Vectorians simplify the technology development of customers worldwide and thus contribute to their success. With modern solutions in the form of software tools, embedded software and cloud technologies. This is achieved above all through a passion for technology and the ambition to always deliver top performance.

Vector worldwide currently employs more than 4,000 people with sales of EUR 1.16 billion in 2023. Vector is headquartered in Germany (Stuttgart) and has subsidiaries in Brazil, China, France, Great Britain, India, Italy, Japan, Austria, Romania, Sweden, South Korea, Spain and the USA.
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Figure 1: vSECC controllers are versatile control units for the rapid implementation of intelligent charging stations. The controllers are suitable for fast charging stations, compact individual charging points and wallboxes. Image rights: Vector Informatik

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Figure 2: The AST DC Meter is the innovative solution for continuous measurement of high currents and voltages in charging stations. Image rights: AST International

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Figure 3: Maximum flexibility for all applications with the vSECC interfaces and AST DC Meter. Image rights: Vector Informatik

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Figure 4: The partnership between AST International and Vector results in faster development processes for customers' DC charging stations. From left to right: Jan Heuser (Director Sales & Project Management, AST International), Marvin Stoll (Key Account Manager, AST International), Rebekka Jentzsch (Product Manager vSECC, Vector), Peter Guse (Business Development Charging Solutions, Vector) Image rights: Vector Informatik / AST International
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Faster Development Processes for DC Charging Stations Thanks to Partnership Between Vector and AST International

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