Vector Brings AUTOSAR-Capable Ethernet Switches To the Automotive Industry
Stuttgart, Germany, 2022-05-18 – Vector has developed the first AUTOSAR-capable Ethernet switch powered by Marvell’s Brightlane™ solution. The software executed in the switch’s CPU follows the AUTOSAR methodology with respect to model definition, distribution and component development. By shifting significant parts of the networking stack to the switch, CPU ressources are freed for tasks that run more efficiently on the host microcontroller. Furthermore, Vector’s switch software enables certain security functions such as Firewalling and MACsec.

In today's automotive ECUs, Ethernet switches are usually initialized and controlled by a microcontroller. These implementations are reaching their limits. With the rising number of Ethernet ports, the CPU load increases significantly. Therefore, automotive manufacturers are planning to shift networking-related functions to Ethernet switches. Until now, switches executed proprietary software configured with proprietary tools. Now it is possible to benefit from the AUTOSAR workflow that has been established by automotive manufacturers for years. In addition, AUTOSAR offers the advantage of reusing existing qualified software for communication, network management and diagnostics on the switch. The maxim "one tool environment, one workflow, one software architecture" makes the use of AUTOSAR-capable switches future-proof and offers faster time-to-market.

Efficient usage of available resources is another reason for using these Ethernet switches. Only such switches offer the low latency times required for use cases such as firewall and MACsec. Furthermore, functions such as Precision Time Protocol (PTP), network management, the SOME/IP protocol and parts of the diagnostics are shifted from the microcontroller to the switch. As a result, the microcontroller has more runtime available for its application tasks.

For tier ones and car manufacturers, Marvell’s Brightlane 88Q5072 secure multi-gig Ethernet switch is available. Vector will supply the newly developed embedded software MICROSAR Classic veSwitch for Ethernet switches. Marvell and Vector believe that the use of standardized products instead of project-specific software is advantageous. The software has proven itself in practice and the effort required to qualify safety-relevant use cases is significantly reduced.

“We are pleased to partner with Vector to offer an AUTOSAR-capable switch solution. This accelerates the development of software-defined vehicles based on the Marvell Brightlane secure multi-gig Ethernet switch,” said Mike Yeager, vice president and general manager, Automotive Business Unit, Marvell. “Vector’s MICROSAR Classic veSwitch software leverages the AUTOSAR workflow for essential security functions, such as automotive firewalls and MACsec, in an open software architecture and enables faster time-to-market.”

“A fast time-to-market was also of high priority for us. This was achieved by a close cooperation with Marvell and by using qualified standard software," adds Jochen Rein, Head of Product Management Embedded Software. "Our modular approach results in a hardware-optimized and flexible solution – ideal for automotive-compliant switches including firewall and safety applications. The developer workflow is optimally supported by the Vector DaVinci Tools.”

In the first version, the embedded software will meet the quality requirements according to Automotive SPICE. In future releases, veSwitch will be available according to ISO 26262. An evaluation package is available.

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