Vector Launches vADASdeveloper to Complete its Portfolio of Development Solutions for Driver Assistance Systems
Stuttgart, GERMANY, 02-11-2015 – In launching vADASdeveloper, Vector is introducing a tool for developing multi-sensor applications to its product lineup. On January 1, 2015, this product was adopted by BASELABS GmbH. Developers of driver assistance systems and ECUs for automated driving will now benefit from a comprehensive solution for data fusion and environment perception.

vADASdeveloper provides the infrastructure needed to develop algorithms for driver assistance systems. It lets users develop, debug and test multi-sensor applications quickly and conveniently. In the development of algorithms, the tool is able to acquire, visualize and replay the data of all commonly used ADAS sensor types – from cameras to laser scanners – time synchronous to the bus messages. The application's data flow is configured graphically with a clearly arranged layout. Visual Studio integration lets users implement, debug and test the application in one tool.
With vADASdeveloper you can develop data fusion systems quickly, efficiently and flexibly. The range of implementable applications extends from object recognition by image processing of sensor data to sensor data fusion, e.g. for multiple object tracking, as well as ADAS functionality that is based on environment perception. The tool is also well suited to the tasks of testing and evaluating prototype systems.

The modular “BASELABS Create” algorithm library, which can be seamlessly integrated, gives developers additional useful features for configuring and implementing signal processing algorithms in data fusion. Other modules from C/C++ or MATLAB/Simulink can be embedded easily. BASELABS Create can be procured directly from BASELABS GmbH.

By adopting the tool from BASELABS into its own tool chain, Vector is now supporting the entire development process for ADAS systems. While the primary focus of vADASdeveloper is on system development, the CANape “Driver Asistance” option is used for the necessary validation of object recognition algorithms in the vehicle. While the algorithm is running in the ECU, CANape can be used to calibrate and validate the ECU. The VX1000 measurement and calibration hardware enables quick access to (sensor) data from the ECU at rates of up to 30 Mbyte/s. The Vector AUTOSAR basic software MICROSAR offers many functions that support specific requirements in the development of ADAS ECUs.

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Figure 1: Visualizing detected objects in vADASdeveloper with data fusion

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Figure 2: With a complete tool chain, Vector is accelerating the development of driver assistance systems, which are the trailblazing technologies for automated driving
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