ROHM Recognized as a Preferred Supplier of SiC Power Solutions by UAES
Willich-Münchheide, Germany, November 18, 2021 – ROHM has recently been certified as a preferred supplier of SiC power solutions by United Automotive Electronic Systems Co., Ltd., (UAES), a Chinese Tier 1 comprehensive automotive manufacturer.

ROHM and UAES have been collaborating and carrying out detailed technical exchanges on the development of automotive applications utilizing SiC power devices from 2015.

In 2020 ROHM established a joint SiC technology laboratory at UAES Headquarters (Shanghai, China). The goals: Strengthening cooperation on the development of innovative power solutions centered on SiC, and mass production of a number of automotive products equipped with ROHM SiC power devices such as onboard chargers for electric vehicles.

More recently, ROHM’s industry-leading SiC power device performance along with power solutions that include peripheral components were highly evaluated, resulting in ROHM being selected as the first preferred supplier in this field. ROHM SiC power devices are also being used in inverter modules currently being developed by UAES to extend the cruising range of electric vehicles and reduce battery size. In the future, the two companies will continue to accelerate the development of SiC power solutions to achieve technical innovation for electric vehicles.

Mr. Guo Xiaolu, Deputy General Manager, United Automotive Electronic Systems Co., Ltd.
“We have been conducting ongoing technical exchanges with ROHM, a leader in SiC power devices. The high rating that ROHM devices and peripheral solution proposals have received has led to ROHM being selected as a preferred supplier. For us at UAES, vehicle applications utilizing SiC are an important business that is about to go into full swing, and we have now entered a concrete stage of mass production of SiC-equipped inverters and other products. We would like to thank ROHM for the previous efforts and look forward to building a long-term collaborative relationship using this certification as a new start.”

Dr. Kazuhide Ino, Managing Executive Officer, CSO and Director of Accounting & Finance Headquarters, ROHM Co., Ltd.
“We are very appreciative to have received this recognition by UAES, the largest Tier 1 manufacturer in China. As the automotive market moves quickly towards electrification, we see an important opportunity to help UAES develop advanced applications that meet customer needs. ROHM offers a broad range of products in addition to SiC, including IPMs, IPDs, gate drivers, and LED drivers that are ideal for onboard inverters and chargers. Going forward, we look forward to deepening our relationship with UAES and promoting the development of a wide range of products utilizing ROHM’s cutting-edge technologies that will contribute to the further evolution of electric vehicles.”

About UAES (United Automotive Electronic Systems Co., Ltd.)
UAES, a comprehensive automotive Tier 1 manufacturer, was established as a joint venture by Robert Bosch and Zhonglian Automobile Electronics Systems Co., Ltd. (a Chinese company affiliated with SAIC). Founded in 1995, it has since gained a large share in the Chinese market for engine control units and powertrain systems for gas-powered vehicles, and from 2009 has focused on developing applications for electric vehicles, including the main inverter. For more information, please visit UAES’ official website:

About ROHM
ROHM, a leading semiconductor and electronic component manufacturer, was established in 1958. From the automotive and industrial equipment markets to the consumer and communication sectors, ROHM supplies ICs, discretes, and electronic components featuring superior quality and reliability through a global sales and development network.
Our strengths in the analog and power markets allow us to propose optimized solutions for entire systems that combine peripheral components (i.e. transistors, diodes, resistors) with the latest SiC power devices together with driver ICs that maximize their performance.
Please visit ROHM’s website for more information:
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Mr. Guo Xiaolu (right), Deputy General Manager, UAES, and Mr. Raita Fujimura (left), Chairman, ROHM Semiconductor (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.
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