Welcome back – ROHM Semiconductor Europe appoints Wolfram Harnack as Managing Director
Willich-Münchheide, Germany, October 1st, 2020 – As of today, October 1st 2020, Wolfram Harnack is the new Managing Director of ROHM Semiconductor Europe GmbH. He reports directly to the President of the company Toshimitsu Suzuki. The position has been newly created and is of strategic importance for ROHM's growth within Europe. Previously Wolfram Harnack held the position of the President of the European Semiconductor Division at Mitsubishi Electric Europe.

For Wolfram Harnack it is in fact a return to ROHM, as he joined ROHM as Sales Director in January 2008. Prior to that he worked for Toshiba Electronics Europe for 12 years. In 2015 Wolfram Harnack left ROHM and joined Mitsubishi, but now he decided to take on a new challenge: He returns with impressive success achieved under a different flag, to now set the course for ROHM´s future in Europe: "Together with Toshimitsu Suzuki, my mission is to further accelerate our growth in the Automotive and Industrial segment, particularly in the Power and Analog domain which is the Company Focus. I’m confident that I can contribute to the success of ROHM Europe with my experiences but more importantly, with my passion", explains Wolfram Harnack: "ROHM's target is to significantly grow sales outside of the Japanese domestic market. The European region will play an important role in accomplishing this objective. Being a technology leader in power semiconductors, I see great growth potential for ROHM in the automotive and industrial sectors.”

Wolfram Harnack has spent most of his working life in Japanese companies, demonstrating his enthusiasm and understanding of this culture. He holds a degree in Electrical Engineering.

“We are happy that we were able to win back Wolfram. Many things have changed since he’s been with us in the 2000s, but he will see many familiar faces and surely set many new accents. Especially his wealth of experience in the power semiconductor sector will be a great enrichment for us," affirms Toshimitsu Suzuki, President of ROHM Semiconductor GmbH.
About ROHM

ROHM Semiconductor is a global company of 3.326 billion US dollars per March 31st, 2020 with 22,191 employees. The company develops and manufactures a very large product range from the Ultra-Low Power Microcontroller, Power Management, Standard ICs, SiC Diodes, MOSFETs and Modules, Power Transistors and Diodes, LEDs to passives components such as Resistors, Tantalum Capacitors and LED display units, thermal Printheads. The production of our high performing products is taking place in state-of-the-art manufacturing plants in Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Thailand, the Philippines and China.
LAPIS Semiconductor (former OKI Semiconductor), SiCrystal GmbH and Kionix are companies of the ROHM Semiconductor Group.
ROHM Semiconductor Europe has its Head Office near Dusseldorf serving the EMEA region (Europe, Middle East and Africa). For further information, please contact www.rohm.com/eu
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Wolfram Harnack, new Managing Director of ROHM Semiconductor Europe GmbH
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