ROHM presents Ultra-Compact LED Driver for automotive LED lamps
BD18336NUF-M ensures stable lighting even during battery voltage drops
Willich-Münchheide, Germany, May 19, 2020 – ROHM announces the development of its ultra-compact linear LED Driver suitable for automotive socket type LED lamp applications such as rear lamps, turn, fog and position lamps or DRLs (Daylight Running Lamps).
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In response to the growing demand for higher levels of reliability, safety, and increased flexibility for the LED’s thermal management in combination with an ultra-compact design, ROHM developed the industry-leading Automotive LED Driver BD18336NUF-M.

“ROHM is embracing the market trend towards miniaturization with its newest LED Driver without compromising in safety features and performance,” says Stefan Drouzas, Senior Marketing Manager Automotive, ROHM Semiconductor GmbH.

Its monolithic design ensures stable lighting during battery voltage drops down to 9V. The configurable current bypass function prevents LEDs to turn OFF and keeps a minimum brightness at all times contributing to higher driving safety. An ultra-compact 3.0mm² package reduces the mounting area by 30 % compared to conventional solutions using external circuitry, while providing a high current output of 600mA.

Heat generated by the LEDs is suppressed by an integrated current derating function. The thermal adjustable output current limits the heat generated by the LEDs, increasing their lifetime, which makes the LED Driver ideal for white as well as for red and yellow LEDs.

Consequently, the BD18336NUF-M is the ideal LED Driver for ultra-compact designs, such as exchangeable socket type or modular lamps, providing superior performance for the most demanding environment.

Other Electrical Characteristics

Availability: Now (samples), July 2020 (OEM quantities)

Application Examples
((Fig. 2))
  • Rear lamps (stop/tail)  
  • Fog lamps  
  • Turn signals
  • DRLs (Daytime Running Lamps)
  • Socket type lamps
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