Now also for Linux: TESSY 5.0 from Razorcat
Linux version of unit and integration test tool TESSY initially available for Ubuntu 20.04
Berlin/Germany, November 15, 2021 – Razorcat presents a new release for its successful unit and integration test tool TESSY for embedded development in C/C++: TESSY 5.0 comes up with some optimizations of its functions, but most importantly, the tool is now also available as a Linux version. The first supported Linux distribution is Ubuntu 20.04 by Canonical.

Among embedded developers, Linux has a loyal fan base due to its stability and security. To enable these developers to take full advantage of TESSY's testing capabilities, Razorcat is providing a Linux version of its unit and integration tool, initially for Ubuntu starting with system release 20.04. Canonical's Ubuntu is considered one of the most important open source distributions for public clouds and OpenStack; about 55 percent of all OpenStack applications run on Ubuntu. Ubuntu 20.04, also known by the version name "Focal Fossa", was released in April 2020 and features, among other things, the use of the Linux kernel 5.4 and the VPN technology WireGuard. TESSY supports Ubuntu as of this version; predecessors like 18.04 are not officially supported.

The Linux version of TESSY initially supports the GNU/GCC compiler and the Eclipse debugger. Support is also available for the compiler/target environments
  • ARM V6 / ARM Development Studio
  • ARM V6 / DS-5
  • Green Hills ARM / Green Hills MULTI
  • Green Hills ARM / LAUTERBACH TRACE32
  • Linaro GNU ARM / ARM Development Studio
  • Linaro GNU ARM / DS-5
Other compiler/target environments available on Linux will be supported successively as required.

Further information on Release 5.0 of Razorcat's unit and integration test tool TESSY as well as downloads and support offers can be found at
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Razorcat Development GmbH has been creating testing tools for software development of embedded systems since 1997. The unit and integration testing tool TESSY is certified to IEC 61508 and ISO 26262, and is being used in a large number of software projects across all branches of industry for the verification of safety-critical and high-quality software. Together with the Integrated Test Environment (ITE), Test Operator Platform (TOP) and Check Case Definition Language (CCDL) tools, Razorcat offers solutions for all stages of the testing process. Services like test management, testing, consulting and seminars provide additional support for customers around the world.

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Now also for Linux: TESSY 5.0 from Razorcat
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Now also for Linux: TESSY 5.0 from Razorcat

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