Razorcat at embedded world 2020 (Nuremberg / Germany, Hall 4 / Stand 4-434)
TESSY from Razorcat with world innovation "Mutation Test" for highest test quality in safety-critical applications
Berlin/Germany, February 11, 2020 – At embedded world 2020 (February 25-27 in Nuremberg/Germany) Razorcat is presenting a world first: The "Mutation Test" function in the next major release of the successful unit and integration test tool TESSY for C/C++ is the first tool for the embedded software market that automatically checks the quality of source code tests. Auditors can use it to subject all their tests to quality control in the shortest possible time and to verify compliance with the standards for test creation. Especially in the development of safety-critical systems, a high verifiable quality of functional and non-functional tests is crucial for the safety of embedded applications and their functional safety certification.

“Test the Test”

The new Mutation Test in TESSY – also known as "Test the Test" – automatically checks the error detection capability of existing test cases. This unique function thus improves the review of test methods and test quality, as required by the standards for functional safety (IEC 61508, IEC 62304, ISO 26262 and EN 5012) and significantly reduces the manual effort. The mutation test minimally "mutates" the C/C++ source code to be tested at error-sensitive locations and thus incorporates typical programming errors. If the unit and integration tests detect the error, these tests are considered useful. Non-detection indicates weak test cases, and the mutation test gives hints where they can be optimized and a better quality in testing can be achieved. With this unique method, tests can be qualitatively evaluated easily and automatically. The objective quality proof of the unit and integration tests can also be used for further certification of embedded software for security applications.

Milestone in TESSY

With the new function in TESSY, Razorcat sets a further milestone for automated unit tests, especially for safety-critical applications. TESSY was one of the first unit test tools in the world and is now considered the leading solution for automated testing of embedded software. Project creation and management, test design and execution, result analysis, reporting – TESSY is a professional test platform that combines all important functions and is continuously being enhanced with new helpful features. Recently, Razorcat integrated an automated error injection for testing error situations without source code changes and a significantly improved version of the Classification Tree Editor (CTE), which automatically creates a test design based on the interface of a function under test.

embedded world – Exhibition and Presentation

Demos of TESSY and the new mutation test can be seen at the embedded world 2020 (February 25-27 in Nuremberg/Germany) at the Razorcat stand (Hall 4 / Stand 4-434). In addition, Michael Wittner, Managing Director of Razorcat, will be giving a corresponding specialist presentation at the embedded world Conference (February 26, 2020, 12.30pm 1.00pm): "Test the Test - Enhanced Test Quality with Mutation Testing" as part of "Session 6.4 I: Software Engineering IV - Testing & Debugging I".

More information about TESSY, the other embedded software development tools and the comprehensive testing services of Razorcat can also be found at www.razorcat.com.


TESSY is Razorcat's powerful and certified unit and integration test tool for C/C++ embedded software. TESSY supports the most common microcontrollers, compilers and debuggers and is qualified for safety-related software development according to IEC 61508 and ISO 26262. Further information and downloads on TESSY are available at https://www.razorcat.com/en/tessy.html.
About Razorcat

Razorcat Development GmbH has been creating testing tools for software development of embedded systems since 1997. The unit and integration testing tool TESSY is certified to IEC 61508 and ISO 26262, and is being used in a large number of software projects across all branches of industry for the verification of safety-critical and high-quality software. Together with the Integrated Test Environment (ITE), Test Operator Platform (TOP) and Check Case Definition Language (CCDL) tools, Razorcat offers solutions for all stages of the testing process. Services like test management, testing, consulting and seminars provide additional support for customers around the world.

More information about Razorcat is available at www.razorcat.com.
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TESSY from Razorcat with world innovation "Mutation Test" for highest test quality in safety-critical applications
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