Razorcat at embedded world 2020 (Hall 4 / Stand 4-434)
For unit and integration tests in safety-critical applications: New Release TESSY 4.2 from Razorcat
Berlin/Germany, November 4, 2019 Razorcat introduces the latest version of its successful unit and integration test tool TESSY for C/C++. User-friendly innovations such as testing effort estimation, call pair coverage measurement as well as enhancements such as automatic tree generation for the classification tree editor and the component test for C++ support embedded software developers in their automated source code testing, especially for safety-relevant applications with high requirements regarding test coverage and documentation.

CTE extensions

One of the outstanding extensions in TESSY 4.2 was implemented for the Classification Tree Editor (CTE): The new classification tree generator simplifies the design of tests by generating a matching tree based on the interface of a test object. For each input variable, a classification is generated with the possible values as classes according to the equivalence partitioning method. The new project-wide interface dictionary also offers the option of assigning the appropriate specification names to the implementation variables, which can then be used throughout all CTE test specifications. When the interface is changed, the interface dictionary entries are synchronized and the related CTE classifications are automatically updated.

(Figure 1: The graphical Classification Tree Editor (CTE) in TESSY)

Component tests for C++

Another novelty is the extension of the component test feature in TESSY 4.2, which now also supports tests of C++ source code. The necessary objects for calling the work tasks and stimulated methods are created as synthetic variables within the test interface. The respective objects are selected in the Scenario Editor (SCE) of TESSY.

Call Pair Coverage

One further new feature in TESSY 4.2 is the Call Pair Coverage (CPC) measurement, which checks whether all call points of functions or methods within the test object have been executed at least once. This meets the requirements of ISO 26262 for safety-relevant software development as an alternative code coverage procedure for integration tests instead of function coverage (FC) measurement.

(Figure 2: New with TESSY 4.2: The Call Pair Coverage (CPC) measurement)

Estimate and track testing effort

Reliably quantifying the time required for testing is an important task in software projects. TESSY 4.2 offers a new test effort estimation based on the available metrics of the tool. Other new metrics, such as the number of statements and calls and the nesting depth, can also be used within a customizable time estimation formula. When analyzing a module, the estimated time is updated according to the formula. The actual time spent can then be entered and tracked in the project view for each test object. The test engineer can define warning and error thresholds and the underlying formula in the preferences.

(Figure 3: Estimated and actual testing effort for each project in TESSY)

Protocol for automated requirement reviews

A new task element in TESSY 4.2 provides the option of logging external tests and reviews and linking them to the requirements. This enables complete coverage of requirements that cannot be tested with a regular unit or integration test. The test result of each task passed or failed is stored together with PDF or image files for review process documentation. The result of a task counts as a completed test for all associated requirements, allowing full coverage to be achieved with the help of external tests or reviews.


TESSY is Razorcat's powerful and certified unit and integration test tool for C/C++ embedded software. TESSY supports the most common microcontrollers, compilers and debuggers and is qualified for safety-related software development according to IEC 61508 and ISO 26262. Further information and downloads on TESSY 4.2 are available at https://www.razorcat.com/en/tessy.html.

More information about the other embedded software development tools and the comprehensive testing services of Razorcat can be found at www.razorcat.com.
At embedded world 2020 (February 25-27, 2020 in Nuremberg / Germany) Razorcat has a booth in hall 4 / 4-434.
About Razorcat

Razorcat Development GmbH has been creating testing tools for software development of embedded systems since 1997. The unit and integration testing tool TESSY is certified to IEC 61508 and ISO 26262, and is being used in a large number of software projects across all branches of industry for the verification of safety-critical and high-quality software. Together with the Integrated Test Environment (ITE), Test Operator Platform (TOP) and Check Case Definition Language (CCDL) tools, Razorcat offers solutions for all stages of the testing process. Services like test management, testing, consulting and seminars provide additional support for customers around the world.

More information about Razorcat is available at www.razorcat.com.
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 Download der hochauflösenden Version...
The graphical Classification Tree Editor (CTE) in TESSY

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New with TESSY 4.2: The Call Pair Coverage (CPC) measurement

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Estimated and actual testing effort for each project in TESSY
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