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02.08.2022 14:00 PROVERTHA expands its modular M12/M8/D-Sub modular distribution system with patented adapter
Pforzheim (Germany) 2 August 2022 Provertha is expanding its modular system in full-metal design for sophisticated distribution solutions with a new adapter. The recently patented adapter realises the gap-free, form-fit connection and linking of modular T-/Y-distributors and distribution boxes as well as D-Sub distribution boxes in 9-pin or 15-pin design. It is designed in such a way that stranded wires or cables can be looped through to the next box without any problems. By interlinking the compact M12 T-/Y-distributors or multiple distribution boxes with the new adapter, high-quality fully shielded distribution solutions for harsh applications with any number of inputs and outputs are now possible. The design of the adapter ensures that the 360° shielding is maintained for the complete distribution solution.
28.06.2022 10:00 PROVERTHA expands D-Sub portfolio with customer-specific solutions
Pforzheim (Germany) 28 June 2022 Provertha achieves significant success with its comprehensive D-Sub connector range by offering customised products and special solutions for customers, who increasingly request adapted solutions for their projects. Provertha has been manufacturing D-Sub connectors for over 25 years, consistently developing and expanding the portfolio offered over the years, including the acquisition of the TMC D-Sub product family from ERNI, a provider of high-performance solutions on the cable side and PCB side.
10.05.2022 09:00 M12 adapter from PROVERTHA with X to D and D to X coding simplify retrofitting in transportation and railway technology
Pforzheim (Germany) 10 May 2022 Provertha has developed a robust and extremely compact M12 adapter solution that allows a M12 plug-in connection with X to D and D to X coding to be made without any additional effort. The adapters with an effective shielding achieved by full metal housing features an X- or D-coded pin interface with a rotating screw lock and a D- or X-coded socket interface with a fixed locking thread. The adapters are simply inserted between the switch and the cable using the usual torque tools. The new M12 adapter make a significant contribution to saving cabling costs and installation time. They are designed in protection class IP 67 and are suitable for reliable data transmission of up to 100 Mbit in the temperature range from -25°C to 85°C.
15.03.2022 14:00 PROVERTHA develops patented press-fit connector system
Pforzheim (Germany) 15 March 2022 Provertha has launched a new tamper-proof connector in the M12 design for applications in industrial automation, especially for encoder housings that are exposed to high vibrations. Thanks to a patented press-fit section, this connector eliminates the disadvantages currently associated with screw-in connectors.
10.01.2022 14:00 PROVERTHA provides 25% more space on the PCB thanks to "Small Space" SMT D-Sub connectors in Eurostyle mounting height
Pforzheim 10 January 2022 Provertha has a comprehensive D-Sub connector range for a wide variety of applications and now also has 9-pin SMT Eurostyle "Small Space" versions in a new design with a smaller footprint on the PCB in its portfolio. This provides more free assembly space for other components and meets the trend towards higher density on the PCB for industrial applications. The high-performance D-Sub connectors from the TMC series in small-space design reduce the required PCB area by up to 25% compared to current TMC Eurostyle SMT D-Sub versions due to the shortened form. Its reliability under high mechanical loads guarantees sufficient safety reserves in harsh industrial applications. Thanks to its small mounting height of only 3.6 mm, this "Small Space" D-Sub connector is ideally suited for miniaturisation in industrial applications and at the same time ensures that the device interfaces are highly robust.
10.11.2021 13:00 PROVERTHA launches new D-Sub full-metal hoods with the most flexible locking options currently available for maximum flexibility
Pforzheim 10 November 2021 Flexlock® from Provertha is the new patented locking system for D-Sub full-metal hoods. For the first time, users can freely choose between several different locking systems for a D-Sub hood series in line with application requirements. The patented dual locking system offers both the conventional screw locking mechanism with knurled screw, combination slot and Allen key as well as the innovative Quick Lock® push-pull locking system. In addition, there are other locking options: the sliding lock and a locking system with insertable nut for cable-to-cable connections.
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