New PROVERTHA M12 angle adapters for X/D conversion save space in tight installation spaces
Pforzheim (Germany) – 6 December 2022 – Provertha has expanded its robust adapter solutions in protection class IP 67 with compact, angled versions, which can be used to implement angled M12 plug-in connections from X to D coding and vice versa without additional cabling. The new angle adapters are used in demanding applications such as transport and railway technology, where particularly harsh conditions prevail due to vibrations, shocks and large temperature fluctuations, and where only limited space is available for installation. The effectively shielded adapter in full-metal design features an X-coded pin interface with a rotating M12 screw lock and a D-coded socket interface with a fixed locking thread. It can be easily installed between the cable and the M12 socket (switch) using the usual torque tools (optionally available accessory).

Less space required thanks to 90° cable outlet

The M12 adapter is angled by 90° as standard; other angular positions are available ex works, for example if several rows of connectors are to be implemented. It is suitable for 100 Mbit data transmission in the temperature range from -40 °C to 105 °C. With its cable outlet pointing upwards or downwards, the angle adapter offers considerable space savings in confined spaces. It also reduces cabling costs and installation time when revising and rewiring Ethernet-capable devices.

Saving money and installation time during revisions and rewiring

The adapter version with X to D coding is particularly advantageous for retrofitting, for example in railway technology, as the existing D-coded cabling can continue to be used here, even if the switches are replaced with those with gigabit ports (X coding) during revisions. The new angle adapter allows the D-coded cabling to be retained, as it connects the D-coded plugs of the cables with the X-coded sockets of the switches. Users save considerable costs and installation time as they do not have to use high-priced X-coded cables.

PROVERTHA Connectors, Cables & Solutions GmbH, a privately-owned business founded in Pforzheim, Germany, in 1981, has more than 800 employees at four locations in Germany and Hungary. Among the many customers from 45 countries are companies from the automotive, aerospace, healthcare, and electronics markets. A tight network of distribution partners ensures customer proximity and competent technical service.

PROVERTHA’s large range of products and services include standard and special connectors with an extensive range of accessories, including data cables, harnesses and cable looms as well as complete solutions for plastic moulding and tool making. By means of an online order service, even small order quantities from the comprehensive product catalogue can be delivered on time. A QS9000, DINISO 9001 and IATF 16949 certified quality management together with a UL certified cable assembly guarantee high product quality. The ISO 14001 certification of our manufacturing sites ensures the environmentally friendly manufacturing of our products.
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PROVERTHA M12 angle adapters for X/D conversion save space in tight installation spaces
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