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20.03.2024 11:00 PROVERTHA has developed a new compact wire-to-board solution for sensor tubes with a diameter of 9 mm
Pforzheim (Germany), 20 March 2024. Provertha is expanding its range of WireClips which enable reliable wire-to-board connections with new ultra-low-profile WireClips. With an ultra-flat installation height of 2.3 mm, they significantly reduce space requirements. Thanks to their special geometry, the new WireClips are a wire-to-board solution suitable for installation in sensor tubes with an internal diameter of just 9 mm.
12.02.2024 09:30 PROVERTHA offers compact M12 Ethernet adapter as panel feed-through solution for connecting railway CCTV surveillance cameras
Pforzheim (Germany), 9 February 2024 Provertha has developed a new M12 Ethernet panel feed-through adapter as a plug-and-play solution for M12 Ethernet interfaces of modern cameras used for video surveillance in trains, so-called railway CCTV systems. Advantages include the connection, which can be plugged in directly within a few seconds, and the functionally reliable, error-free data transmission, as there is no need for assembly work and therefore no possible connection errors.
10.11.2023 13:30 PROVERTHA to expand its D-Sub full-metal range of hoods with Flexlock system including the 247 series with 45° cable outlet
Pforzheim (Germany) 10 November 2023 Flexlock is Provertha's patented locking system for the reliable nickel-plated D-Sub full metal hood series 217 with straight cable outlet, which has now been complemented by the new Flexlock series 247 with angled cable outlet. For the first time, users can freely choose between several different locking systems for a D-Sub hood series in line with application requirements.
15.12.2022 09:30 PROVERTHA expands its WireClip range with extremely compact, low-profile variants
Pforzheim (Germany) 15 December 2022 - Provertha is expanding the versatile WireClip portfolio of its process-reliable wire-to-board solutions to include low-profile variants. Thanks to the new Low Profile WireClips, wire-to-board solutions with the ultra-flat installation height of 2.5 mm can be realised. The space-saving and highly economical clips are equipped with ready-to-connect cable assemblies that ensure process- and function-safe contacting of individual strands and wires on the PCB. Wherever absolute reliability of the cable connection and a space-saving solution are required, such as in industrial automation and the automotive industry, Provertha's WireClip assemblies have proven their value.
06.12.2022 11:00 New PROVERTHA M12 angle adapters for X/D conversion save space in tight installation spaces
Pforzheim (Germany) 6 December 2022 Provertha has expanded its robust adapter solutions in protection class IP 67 with compact, angled versions, which can be used to implement angled M12 plug-in connections from X to D coding and vice versa without additional cabling. The new angle adapters are used in demanding applications such as transport and railway technology, where particularly harsh conditions prevail due to vibrations, shocks and large temperature fluctuations, and where only limited space is available for installation.
28.10.2022 10:00 PROVERTHA introduces compact connector solution for high-speed data transmission with any cable length
Pforzheim (Germany) 28 October 2022 With its "EasyLine" series, Provertha has developed an X-coded M12 connector solution that can be assembled and is one of the most compact on the market. The small number of individual parts ensures that the 8-pin plug-in connections can be assembled quickly and easily within very short assembly times. As the cable connectors allow individual cabling in the field, users can respond flexibly to given installation situations, especially in applications where the cable length is difficult or impossible to determine in advance. This saves them expensive special solutions and long delivery times. All EasyLine cable connectors guarantee high transmission performance (10 Gbit/s with up to 500 MHz) according to the TIA-568 and ISO/IEC-11801-Cat-6A specifications.
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