D-Link Selects Infineon’s IPTV Feature Package to Enhance its DSL Offering
Neubiberg, Germany – September 30, 2008 – Infineon Technologies AG (FSE/NYSE: IFX) today announced the world’s leading network specialist D-Link has chosen Infineon’s DSL CPE Solution to support concurrent Erasure Decoding and Retransmission for High Quality IPTV. D-Link will integrate Infineon’s Software extension package in its XWAY™ DANUBE based CPE solutions, to ensure the best possible quality for IPTV-services.

“Infineon’s solution helps us offer the best-in-class IPTV-ready CPE equipment to our customers. Thanks to Erasure Decoding, all customers will experience higher quality with their IPTV service, regardless of what DSLAM they are connected to”, said Kevin Wen, President D-Link Europe. “The IPTV market is exploding and quality of this service is of highest importance to the providers. Together with Infineon we can ensure best quality of service for IPTV.”

“We’re pleased that D-Link has selected our enhanced IPTV feature package, coming with the XWAY™ DANUBE ADSL2+ chipset. It offers best possible IPTV performance, even when deployed concurrently with other services such as VoIP, as the solution is unique in its ability to apply individual protection strategies for different services”, said Christian Wolff, Senior Vice President of the Communication Solutions business group and General Manager of the Wireline Access business unit at Infineon. “Our IPTV feature package includes the industry’s first integration of Erasure Decoding and Gamma Layer Retransmission concurrently supported on a single chip. Customers like D-Link can achieve up to two times better error protection than with a non-erasure decoding capable CPE in real world deployment scenarios.”

D-Link includes the new IPTV feature package in its next generation Triple-Play Home Gateway solutions DVA-G3170i and DVA-G3060i, available this month.

The IPTV feature package includes – among other technologies like Extended Erasure Decoding and Gamma Layer Retransmission concurrently supported on a single chip. Erasure Decoding improves impulse noise immunity with no changes to the carrier DSLAM. The Gamma Layer Retransmission mechanism utilizes an intelligent traffic shaping and discrimination algorithm, in conjunction with central office (CO) equipment.

It allows the optimization of real time services, such as IPTV, VoIP or Internet gaming with settings for minimum delay and maximum error protection to guarantee the best possible user experience. Furthermore an embedded Packet Processing Engine enables wire speed routing throughput for all packet sizes. This Smart Acceleration technology boosts routing performance while reducing the workload of the CPU core.
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