ERNI introduces a Digital World to optimize support for customers in finding solutions
With a new online platform, ERNI is now offering its customers convenient access to application-related product selection
Adelberg (Germany), 11 May 2021 As of now, ERNI offers its newly designed Digital World, a modern and convenient presentation and service platform for users who are specifically interested in topics and solutions relating to their particular application environment or industry. The ERNI World in German, English and Chinese enables interested parties worldwide to find out as quickly and easily as possible about the right product for them. As in a virtual exhibition, the customer can navigate to the relevant subject area and, in addition to suggested solutions for the application, also find detailed product information and further links. The responsive web design allows access to the Digital ERNI World and the use of its functions on all mobile devices without restriction.

Much more than a virtual exhibition

The individual subject areas include presentation platforms for everything to do with automation, the automotive sector, transportation, measurement and testing technology ("instrumentation"), medical and energy technology, telecommunications and the aerospace-military sector not forgetting aspects of the IoT. In some areas, special hotspots have been set up to guide the user directly to specific applications in which ERNI products are used; in the automotive sector, for example, these are the hotspots "Headlights" and "Battery Management".

Dedicated areas for current ERNI innovation presentations and for special events or product training ("Academy") with corresponding meeting and presentation areas round off the spectrum of opportunities for discovery. The range of services and the level of detail of the Digital World will be continually expanded.

Meeting Planner direct access to advice

Customers who would like to obtain more detailed information in a one-on-one meeting will be interested in the Meeting Planner feature, which is used to arrange appointments for a live chat from anywhere in the world. All the customer has to do is enter their name and e-mail address (further details are optional) and select a suitable time slot that is currently available in the calendar. The appointment is made with a simple click of the mouse, and ERNI sends a confirmation of the appointment by e-mail. At the same time, this automatically creates a calendar entry with all important functions (start, duration, notes, reminder), which enables the customer to participate in the live chat at the selected and confirmed time. The Meeting Planner can be used worldwide.

Direct access to the Digital ERNI World:
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ERNI is an international, family-owned company, and a leading global connector manufacturer and service provider with more than 70 years in history. ERNI develops, manufactures and sales a wide variety of electronic connectivity solutions for various areas of applications. An emphasis is on connectors for the automotive area and industrial automation. Spanning over 40 countries and based on state-of-art manufacturing facilities in Europe, North America and in Asia Pacific, ERNI is addressing its global markets. Today, ERNI International AG, with headquarters in Switzerland, has over 1,300 employees globally with an annual sale of about Euros 200 million. More information at
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ERNI introduces a Digital World

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Digital World, Automation Area

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Digital World, Automotive Area
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ERNI introduces a Digital World to optimize support for customers in finding solutions

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