ERNI with broad portfolio of M8/M12 connectors
Flexible fieldbus/Ethernet connection and robust sensor connections
Adelberg, 09 July 2019 Over the last three decades, the M8/M12 connector system has established itself as the preferred solution for use in harsh industrial environments that require a reliable, robust connection solution for fieldbus, sensor and Ethernet connections. With different numbers of pins, male and female connectors, connector configurations and coding as well as shielded versions, the M8/M12 connectors from ERNI cover a wide range of applications.

Based on the modular M8/M12 circular connector system according to IEC 61076-2-101 / 2-104 / 2-109, robust connector solutions for industrial automation can be implemented quickly and reliably. The connectors are suitable for almost all Ethernet and fieldbus specifications and are available in various codes. A-coded circular connectors are used, for example, as sensor connectors or device connectors for digital and analogue signal transmission or for power supply. B-coded connector variants are intended for fieldbus interfaces. D- and X-coded products are designed for Ethernet interfaces.

ERNI has continuously expanded its portfolio of circular connectors to cover a wide range of applications with maximum flexibility. This means that the customer can choose between different termination techniques (SMT, THR), numbers of pins (3-17), coding (A, B, D and X), installation heights (9 mm and 13 mm), male and female variants and complete cable assembly. Gold-plated contacts, robust protection against dust and water and shielded variants support use in harsh environments. ERNI also offers a wide range of accessories for this purpose, such as locking screws, protective caps or O-ring seals. The two-piece design (connector inserts and locking parts) allows the locking parts to be easily integrated into customer-specific injection-moulded and die-cast enclosures, thus achieving considerable cost savings.

As part of its proven M8/M12 series, ERNI now also offers M12 connectors with 12 and 17 pins in the standard design. With these multi-pin M12 variants, the number of required device interfaces can be reduced, for example, if bus, I/O, control, service and safety signals are combined in one connector/cable. Typical applications that benefit from multi-pin M12 connectors include complex sensors, cameras, scanners, encoders, I/O boxes, sensor/actuator multi-pin connectors, etc.
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