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10.09.2020 10:00 Bestseller ERNI has supplied well over 300 million SMC connectors
Adelberg, Germany - 10 September 2020 - With the SMC (small multiple connector) family introduced in the late 1990s, ERNI was the first company in the world to develop a pure SMT connector system. In addition to SMT as the termination method, the aim was to reduce the DIN pitch from 2.54 mm to 1.27 ...
19.05.2020 14:00 ERNI expands cable-to-board connector family
Adelberg, 19 May 2020 ERNI is expanding its iBridge Ultra connectors to include vertical and right-angle male connectors with dip solder termination, in addition to the SMT variants already available. Dip soldering is a reliable connection technology, especially in the automotive industry. What is...
21.04.2020 11:00 ERNI MicroBridge cable-to-board connector for the automotive industry
Adelberg, 21 April 2020 - ERNI is expanding its successful MiniBridge (1.27 mm pitch) and MaxiBridge (2.54 mm) cable-to-board connector families with the single-row MicroBridge family in a 1.27 mm pitch. ...
11.02.2020 14:00 ERNI introduces new family of Cable-to-Board connectors
Adelberg, 11 February 2020 - ERNI presents the new iBridge Ultra connector family, adding to its extensive offering of Cable-to-Board solutions. The 2.0mm pitch connectors are designed to provide compact and reliable connection that will withstand high vibration, making it suitable for use in rugged...
20.11.2019 15:00 Uncompromising: MicroCon connectors in 0.8 mm pitch from ERNI
Adelberg, 20 November 2019 A highly compact design does not necessarily have to imply restrictions in terms of performance with regard to secure mating, current carrying capacity, reliability or robustness this is demonstrated by ERNI's MicroCon series in 0.8 mm pitch. In harsh industrial ...
14.08.2019 11:00 ERNI significantly reduces delivery times for multiple product lines
Adelberg 14 August 2019 ERNI has expanded and optimized its production capacities over the last few months through target measures in order to meet the high demand for certain product lines. This ensures that customers can be supplied reliably and punctually with the desired volume. The delivery...
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