ALPS develops SCDC Series Connectors for RS-MMC™
Achieving the Industry`s Smallest Volume at 2.31ml Using ALPS` High-Frequency Circuit Technology
Duesseldorf, Germany, July 20, 2004 – ALPS Electric has announced the development of the SCDC Series of connectors for the RS-MMC™ (Reduced Size Multimedia Card), a promising storage medium for mobile devices, which are growing smaller in size at a rapid pace.

Mobile telephones, digital cameras, and other mobile devices continue to grow smaller and slimmer, and smaller storage media for these devices are also being developed. The Multimedia Card Association (MMCA), which standardized the Multimedia Card (MMC™), announced the standards for the RS-MMC™ flash memory card in November 2002. The external dimensions are 24.0mm × 18.0mm × 1.4mm, with a weight of 0.8 grams. Although half the size of the MMC™, the RS-MMC™ has a maximum capacity of 128Mega Byte and is most popular in Europe. The SCDC Series of connectors is designed for use with the RS-MMC™.

ALPS employed its expertise in high-precision micro-pressing technology, accumulated in the design and manufacturing of its earlier storage media connectors, as well as the Company's original mechanical design technologies, to develop a connector that simultaneously offers one of the smallest mounting areas and one of the longest media ejection distances (4.0mm) in the industry. Three models are available: standard mount with media detection switch, standard mount without media detection switch, and reverse mount with media detection switch. The long media ejection distance makes it easy for the user to handle the storage media, while the small mounting area and different models give set makers increased freedom in product design.

Using high-precision mold-machining technology, ALPS has designed the unit with two storage media contacts, which reduces the chances that the storage media will lose contact with the connector if the product is dropped or suffers other impact. This endows the connector with the impact resistance needed in mobile devices.

The incorporation of a media detection switch, which detects the presence of storage media, ensures the proper operation of storage media and contributes to the protection of the data on the storage media. The use of a sliding self-cleaning mechanism makes for high reliability.

Media insertion and ejection is the push-push type. Media are inserted by pushing them into the slot, and ejected by pushing once again.


One of the industry's smallest mounting areas and longest media ejection distances (4.0mm)

  • This RS-MMC™ connector offers one of the smallest mounting areas and one of the longest media ejection distances (4.0mm) in the industry.
  • The availability of three models (standard mount with media detection switch, standard mount without media detection switch, and reverse mount with media detection switch) contributes to greater freedom in product design.
  • High impact resistance is achieved through the use of high-precision mold-machining technology to make twin storage media contact terminals.
  • Reflow solder is used.

Principal Applications

Mobile telephones, digital still cameras, digital video cameras, PDAs, and other mobile devices.


Please download the attached pdf file for details.
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