Alps Alpine at PCIM 2024 in Hall 5, Stand 423 – Sensors and ICs for Automotive Applications
Munich, Germany, May 22, 2024 – At this year's PCIM Europe – the leading trade fair for power electronics in Nuremberg, Germany (June 11th – 13th) – Alps Alpine will be presenting a wide range of sensors, sensor modules and ICs developed for the automotive, healthcare, industrial, environmental and energy markets in Hall 5, booth 423.

Current Sensor ICs and integrated modules
Alps Alpine has effectively leveraged the know-how and technology acquired from developing various types of sensors to bring current sensors for battery-powered electric vehicles (BEVs) to market. By using innovative magneto-resistive technology, it is possible to measure current without using a magnetic flux concentrator, which is required in other designs. The result is a compact product that increases design freedom when integrated into traction inverters or the battery of an electric vehicle and improves energy efficiency, thus contributing to decarbonization.

Magnetic Sensor ICs
Magnetic sensors are devices that detect the size, direction and degree of change in the magnetism and geomagnetism that is emitted by magnets and currents and convert that into electrical signals. The small-sized magnetic sensors from Alps Alpine are made using the proprietary technology that the company has developed across many years of experience and are at use in a wide range of applications such as in contactless switches, as well as angle and direction detection.

Capacitive Sensor ICs
Alps Alpine has developed the HSLCMB series ICs that incorporate a capacitance measurement circuit and 32-bit CPU. The device enables capacitive sensing with higher sensitivity and noise immunity than conventional products from Alps Alpine. The HSLCMB series is applicable to wide range of applications, including touchless operation, automotive touch screens and liquid level sensors. The device is specified for an operating voltage of 4.75V to 5.5V, an operating temperature range of –40 to +105°C and consumes 14.5mA in operation (21µA in standby). The 48-pin QFN package in which the IC is supplied measures 6,00 mm x 6,00 mm x 0.9 mm.

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Alps Alpine Co., Ltd., founded in 1948 in Japan, is one of the world's largest independent manufacturers of electromechanical components and in-vehicle infotainment products. Headquartered in Tokyo, Alps Alpine maintains ca. 100 group companies across the Americas, Europe and Asia. With ultimate specialist knowledge and reliability, Alps Alpine develops, produces, and markets electromechanical components as well infotainment and next generation mobility lifestyle products such as Audio, Display, Communication and Drive Assist on a worldwide basis.

As a subsidiary of Alps Alpine Co., Ltd., Alps Alpine Europe GmbH has been serving European customers for more than 40 years. Based in Munich, our head office in Europe combines a team of specialists in Sales, Marketing, Engineering and R&D. Including our sales offices in many other major cities such as Duesseldorf, Stuttgart, Wolfsburg, Gothenburg, Milton Keynes, Milan and Paris, Alps Alpine Europe GmbH employs around 560 people. Alps Alpine also has manufacturing locations in Ireland, the Czech Republic and Hungary to serve primarily our European customers.

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Alps Alpine at PCIM 2024 in Hall 5, Stand 423 – Sensors and ICs for Automotive Applications
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Alps Alpine at PCIM 2024 in Hall 5, Stand 423 – Sensors and ICs for Automotive Applications

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