TASKING introduces the new version of Safety Checker
Safety Checker v3.0 improves usability and simplifies the process of ensuring functional safety even further.
Munich, Germany, 5. September 2023 TASKING introduces Safety Checker v3.0, the latest version of the static software analysis tool focused on proving Freedom from Interference (FFI).

Automotive ECUs integrate multiple functions with different safety requirements in the same package. The TASKING Safety Checker ensures Freedom from Interference to support safety argumentation according to ISO 26262. Through statistical code analysis based on compiler technology, the Safety Checker detects critical memory violations and thus enables the integration of software components with different safety requirements in a memory area, even if no MPU (Memory Protection Unit) is available or the MPU cannot be used, e.g., for performance reasons.

Also in MPU-based system, Safety Checker supports software developers by generating a list of memory violations and reducing tedious debugging.

In addition, the Safety Checker monitors compliance with guidelines such as MISRA-C or CERT-C. The Safety Checker is compiler and hardware architecture independent and can be integrated into Continuous Integration Build environments such as Jenkins.

Some significant new features in the third version of Safety Checker make it even easier for developers to use the tool:
  • The new graphical user interface improves usability and provides the ability to define security classes and access rights and assign files/functions to security classes.
  • The ability to import AUTOSAR configuration files (.arxml) makes it easy to create configuration files and keep them synchronized with the ECU project.
  • Reports can now be generated in HTML, XML or PDF format and include information such as the access violation log, function call graph, MISRA/CERT C violations and code metrics.

The TASKING Safety Checker v3.0 is available immediately. Further information at https://www.tasking.com/products/tasking-safety-checker.


For those interested, TASKING will host a product release webinar on September 14, 2023. At 1:00 pm (CEST) and 6:30 pm (CEST), Roger Smith, Technical Marketing Manager, will present the TASKING Safety Checker. For detailed registration information, please visit www.tasking.com/events.

TASKING is a leading provider of development tools headquartered in Munich, Germany, offering high-performance, high quality, safety & security-oriented embedded software development tools for multi-core architectures.

TASKING's development tools are used by automotive manufacturers and suppliers, as well as in adjacent markets around the world to realize high-performance applications in safety-critical areas.

The TASKING Embedded Software Development solutions provide an industry-leading ecosystem for your entire software development process. Each TASKING compiler is designed for a certain architecture and meets the specific requirements of your industry, including automotive, industrial, telecommunications and datacom.

As the recognized leader in high-quality, feature- and safety-compliant embedded software development tools, TASKING enables you to create code with best-in-class size and performance with compilers, debuggers and RTOS support for industry-leading microprocessors and microcontrollers.

Since February 2021, TASKING has been majority-owned by financial investor FSN Capital, which has put the group on a long-term growth path following a successful carve-out. For more information visit www.tasking.com or follow us on https://www.linkedin.com/company/tasking-inc.
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Safety Checker v3.0 improves usability and simplifies the process of ensuring functional safety even further.
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