PROVERTHA provides 25% more space on the PCB thanks to "Small Space" SMT D-Sub connectors in Eurostyle mounting height
Pforzheim – 10 January 2022 – Provertha has a comprehensive D-Sub connector range for a wide variety of applications and now also has 9-pin SMT Eurostyle "Small Space" versions in a new design with a smaller footprint on the PCB in its portfolio. This provides more free assembly space for other components and meets the trend towards higher density on the PCB for industrial applications. The high-performance D-Sub connectors from the TMC series in small-space design reduce the required PCB area by up to 25% compared to current TMC Eurostyle SMT D-Sub versions due to the shortened form. Its reliability under high mechanical loads guarantees sufficient safety reserves in harsh industrial applications. Thanks to its small mounting height of only 3.6 mm, this "Small Space" D-Sub connector is ideally suited for miniaturisation in industrial applications and at the same time ensures that the device interfaces are highly robust.

The outstanding features of the connector include its solid full metal SMT mounting elements, which are firmly attached to the metal housing. They reliably absorb the insertion and withdrawal forces under mechanical stress and enable effective and reliable grounding. The insulator body with its integrated pick-and-place area made of high-temperature-resistant high-performance thermoplastic and a solid large SMT termination area to meet the coplanarity requirement ensure the safe SMT application. The black insulator body facilitates simple and clear recognition with a vision system. In addition, the fully automated SMT assembly and soldering process is ensured by tape-and-reel packaging and an integrated pick-and-place area for the vacuum pipette. The SMT mounting brackets absorb the insertion forces and therefore protect the contacts. A dual-beam spring contact ensures maximum contact reliability.

Further advantages are the high current carrying capacity of 5.7 A at 20 °C and the extended mechanical life of 250 mating cycles. The connectors are available as male or female versions with various mounting options, for example with through-hole, thread UNC 4-40 or M3 as well as threaded bolts UNC 4-40 or M3.

With its extensive and technically very high-quality D-Sub product range for the PCB side and for the cable side, Provertha offers customers high-performance D-Sub solutions tailored to their applications in accordance with the company's slogan "Fitting Your Application".

PROVERTHA Connectors, Cables & Solutions GmbH, a privately-owned business founded in Pforzheim, Germany, in 1981, has more than 800 employees at four locations in Germany and Hungary. Among the many customers from 45 countries are companies from the automotive, aerospace, healthcare, and electronics markets. A tight network of distribution partners ensures customer proximity and competent technical service.

PROVERTHA’s large range of products and services include standard and special connectors with an extensive range of accessories, including data cables, harnesses and cable looms as well as complete solutions for plastic moulding and tool making. By means of an online order service, even small order quantities from the comprehensive product catalogue can be delivered on time. A QS9000, DINISO 9001 and IATF 16949 certified quality management together with a UL certified cable assembly guarantee high product quality. The ISO 14001 certification of our manufacturing sites ensures the environmentally friendly manufacturing of our products.
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Date: 10.01.2022 14:00
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Compact Eurostyle SMT D-Sub connectors in small-space design for industry
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PROVERTHA provides 25% more space on the PCB thanks to "Small Space" SMT D-Sub connectors in Eurostyle mounting height