iSYSTEM’s Tools support Infineon AURIX™ TC4x
Debug and trace solutions from iSYSTEM enable developers to fully utilize the advanced features of the AURIX™ TC4x microcontroller family
Schwabhausen, Germany, March 22, 2022 – When Infineon announced the availability of first samples of their next-generation AURIX™ TC4x earlier this year, iSYSTEM was immediately ready to offer support: The company’s proven IDE winIDEA and the BlueBox on-chip analyzers support the new AURIX™ family with its advanced debug and trace capabilities for speeding up the development of sophisticated functions for electric cars and other future mobility solutions.

The new AURIX™ TC4x family of 28 nm MCUs aims at next-generation e-mobility, automotive E/E architectures and affordable artificial intelligence (AI) applications. This includes automotive real-time applications for powertrain, chassis, safety, and advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS). The increased compute performance of this next-generation of the AURIX™ platform – including a new parallel processing unit (PPU) offering SIMD vector digital signal processing (DSP) for AI topologies, e.g., real-time control and radar post processing – opens up opportunities for more innovation in mobility. iSYSTEM’s debug and trace solutions enables developers to fully access, debug and utilize these advanced MCU features.

But iSYSTEM’s complete tool portfolio for embedded software development and test not only offers debugging, flashing, and tracing for all AURIX™ TC4x cores. It also delivers deep insights into embedded software applications, by providing a wide range of features like trace-based timing and code coverage analysis, advanced AUTOSAR profiling and timing analysis as well as non-intrusive on-target software and regression tests. Developers can debug and trace two AURIX™ microcontrollers synchronously. Through scripting, the analyses can be fully automated and become part of Continuous Integration infrastructures. For developers who are already using BlueBox systems, iSYSTEM offers upgrades in the form of hardware components and software licenses to connect the tools to the new microcontrollers. In addition, the tools also provide full support for the TC4x on-chip Trace System (OCMTS).

“Innovative MCUs like the AURIX™ TC4x family are shaping the future of mobility”, said Erol Simsek, CEO at iSYSTEM. “We are proud that we have been instantly able to provide proven tools support for this new generation of automotive MCUs. Our winIDEA IDE and BlueBox debug and trace tools help developers to get deep insights to their applications and gain a better understanding of their overall system. This helps them to accelerate their project and their products time-to-market.”

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iSYSTEM’s Tools support Infineon AURIX™ TC4x
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iSYSTEM’s Tools support Infineon AURIX™ TC4x

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