iSYSTEM makes hardware debugging  available in Continuous Integration infrastructures
With the BlueBox iC5000/iC5700 CI in test racks, hardware debugging becomes a natural part of test automation
Schwabhausen, Germany, June 29, 2021 – iSYSTEM introduces a new product line within their BlueBox and embedded software tools portfolio: the iC5000/iC5700 CI, which allows to implement hardware debugging into Continuous Integration (CI) infrastructures. Building test racks with multiple hardware setups – each consisting of the embedded target hardware and iSYSTEMS BlueBox iC5000/iC5700 CI – give even globally distributed development and test teams shared access to hardware debugging capabilities within the CI setup. CI as a product is the combination of iSYSTEM BlueBox hardware, software and consulting services on how to setup the hardware and software of a CI infrastructure, unburdening the individual developer from complex hardware setups on their desk.

Continuous Integration (CI) is a software development practice which allows developers to regularly submit their newly generated code to a code repository. A CI Software Tool starts an automated build and test process and provides developers with a timely feedback on the functionality of their code, adding to the team’s learning curve and increasing code quality. CI has gained a lot in popularity within embedded software development teams. To test as close as possible to the real hardware, tests often must be performed on the target hardware itself to safeguard the end products’ function as well as accurate timing behavior of the application. This is where iSYSTEM’s iC5000/iC5700 CI comes in.

iSYSTEM has a long-standing experience in implementing automated software testing and using CI in their own labs (Fig. 1). The iC5000/iC5700 CI was designed to be implemented in a CI rack setup and therefore becomes a natural part of the CI infrastructure. The BlueBox comes with the same functionality as the standalone products and is licensed on subscription basis. Thus, tools like iSYSTEM winIDEA and testIDEA with their interfaces and automation capabilities combined with the iSYSTEM BlueBox can act as an “on-target” test framework. They stimulate functions, read values from a running target in a non-intrusive way, do fault injection and more. With the utilization of trace technology, hardware debuggers allow complex test scenarios, that cannot be implemented with conventional software testing tools. Tracing can be used to test the performance of the embedded software, do timing analysis and profiling.

“Enabling iSYSTEM tools for CI as a product, is a great move, and is representing our 35 years of embedded software development and test experience with dedicated CI hardware and software", says Erol Simsek, CEO at iSYSTEM. “It makes an automated hardware test setup within a Continuous Integration infrastructure remotely available for all development and test engineers on the team – while saving time and money for installing individual test setups.”

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iSYSTEM has been developing and manufacturing tools and solutions for embedded software development and testing since 1986. The privately held company, with a team of over 80 employees allocated to 5 locations in Europe and the US, advises its customers on solving challenges in proving that the software inside a microcontroller or microprocessor will do what it was built to do. iSYSTEM tools can detect software errors and help to correct them thus making embedded systems safer to use in versatile applications of different industries. For more information visit or follow us on
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iSYSTEM has implemented a setup of a decentralized rack system, hosting more than 200 individual target configurations. All are accessible to the iSYSTEM engineers, world-wide.
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