Press release by Inova Semiconductors on behalf of the ISELED Alliance
ISELED Alliance grows to over 50 members
Blue Whale, Lextar, LITEON, Technica, USI/Asteelflash of ASE Group and YTMicro join the industry association
Munich, 18 April 2023 – We are pleased to announce that more microcontroller and LED manufacturers as well as suppliers of measurement systems and modules have joined the ISELED Alliance: Blue Whale, Lextar, LITEON, Technica, USI/Asteelflash and YTMicro. This brings the current number of companies in the open industry alliance to 52.

ISELED technology was launched by the ISELED Alliance in 2016, and immediately gained enormous acceptance in the industry. Starting with five initial members, today 52 companies support ISELED technology as part of the alliance, including leading LED and semiconductor manufacturers, automotive suppliers and innovative lighting designers from all over the world. All together contribute to an ever-expanding ecosystem around the ISELED technology.

“Growing to over 50 members in just a few years is a big achievement for the ISELED Alliance. More and more leading microcontroller and LED manufacturers are now joining the consortium alongside other members,” says Robert Kraus, CEO of Inova Semiconductors and Chairman of the ISELED Alliance. “The broad spectrum of alliance members from a wide variety of industry sectors is giving ISELED technology ever greater momentum. So, we would like to take this opportunity to thank all long-standing members and warmly welcome our new members.”

Overview of the new members:
Blue Whale is a Chinese automotive semiconductor firm that focuses on design, development and sales of functional chips for the automotive industry. The company offers 32-bit MCUs with sensor and driver ICs for automotive electronics applications such as power supply, chassis control, BCM/gateways and autonomous driving. Products are designed to meet AEC-Q100 and fully comply with the ISO 26262 functional safety standard and ISO 21434 for cyber security.

Lextar – part of the Taiwanese Ennostar Group – has a top-class research and development team for T.E.M.O. (thermal, electrical, mechanical, optical) vertical integration technology, with over 2,300 patents worldwide. The company develops optoelectronics technology solutions. Its products comprise a wide array of automotive lighting components, including headlights / daytime running lights / turn signals / tail lights, as well as vehicle module customisation services.

LITEON Optoelectronics Product Solution, one of Taiwan’s most established electronics firms, is a supplier of optoelectronic semiconductors. Its products range from lighting to sensors, from low to high power, from standard products to customised solutions, from LED to laser, and from visible light to infrared and UV. LITEON OPS is a long-time developer and manufacturer of enclosures, and also provides high-quality solutions for optoelectronic components. At the same time, the company is constantly engaged in the search for high-performance, low-impact light sources that make life smarter, safer and more eco-friendly.

Technica Engineering is a technology enterprise based in Munich that specialises in testing and validating in-vehicle communication technologies. The company accelerates the innovation process in the automotive ecosystem by providing holistic technological support, covering the electrical and electronic vehicle architecture from design to validation.

USI/Asteelflash, part of the Taiwanese ASE Group, is active in the fields of electronic design and production as well as SiP (System in Package) modules. The company provides design, manufacturing, miniaturisation, material sourcing, logistics and maintenance services as well as industrial software and hardware solutions. With Asteelflash, USI offers diversified products in the sectors of wireless communication, computers and storage, and consumer, industrial, medical and automotive electronics.

YTMicro, based in Suzhou, China, specialises in high-reliability, high-security and high-performance microcontrollers for the automotive industry, and provides complete solutions for global innovation in smart mobility technologies. With a comprehensive automotive IC design and verification platform, the company strictly adheres to the AEC-Q100 and ISO 26262 development process system and technical specifications. YTMicro has successfully developed a series of MCU chips for the automotive sector with independent intellectual property rights, and filed a number of related technology patents.

5th ISELED Conference
The 5th ISELED Conference will be held in Munich on 9 May 2023. At the hybrid on-site and online event, members of the ISELED Alliance will present their latest products and advances around ISELED/ILaS. In addition, automotive manufacturers and alliance member experts will give keynotes and presentations on the latest developments in automotive lighting. More information about the event can be found here:

About the ISELED Alliance
The ISELED Alliance is an open industry alliance with the objective of developing a comprehensive ecosystem – i.e. a complete system solution for innovative automotive lighting – based on ISELED technology. Today, ISELED products are available from numerous manufacturers. Further information and an overview of all members can be found on the ISELED Alliance website:

About Inova Semiconductors
Inova Semiconductors GmbH is a fabless semiconductor manufacturer headquartered in Munich, Germany. The company was founded in 1999 and specialises in high-performance products for Gbps serial data communication. In addition to the successful APIX (Automotive Pixel Link) products, which have been delivered in high volumes – well over 180 million – and which are already available in the third generation, Inova introduced ISELED - the "Digital LED" in 2016 and has already produced over 100 million of these chips. This was followed in 2020 by ILaS, the "ISELED Light and Sensor Network", which is due to go into series production in vehicles from 2025. Inova's semiconductor products are produced by leading manufacturers (foundries) in Asia and marketed via a global distribution network. Further information at:

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ISELED Alliance grows to over 50 members
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