ISELED Alliance welcomes three new members
Hongbright, Intron Technology und Polycontact join the industry alliance
Munich, June 14, 2022 – The ISELED Alliance announces that three more members, Hongbright, Intron Technology and Polycontact, have joined the industry alliance. Thus, the open industry alliance currently counts 42 companies. These cover the entire value chain of automotive lighting and establish ISELED more and more as a standardized solution in the market.

Founded in 2016, the ISELED Alliance is an open industry association with the goal of building a comprehensive ecosystem – a complete system solution for innovative automotive lighting – based on the ISELED technology. Members include leading "light" tier-1s, LED and semiconductor manufacturers, specialized lighting designers and many others.

"The ISELED Alliance is very pleased to welcome Hongbright, Intron Technology and Polycontact as new members. The broad spectrum of alliance members from a wide range of industry segments gives the ISELED technology ever greater momentum", said Robert Kraus, CEO of Inova Semiconductors and Chairman of the ISELED Alliance. "The great success and rapid global acceptance of ISELED is largely due to the successful work of the Alliance."

Hongbright, a specialized supplier of optoelectronic products, designs and manufactures a wide range of LED lamps, LED displays, LED DOT matrix, LED clusters, etc. for applications in automotive electronics, consumer electronics, security, medical supplies, backlighting, etc.

„Hongbright has been in the field of LED for 19 years, the LED produced has been widely used in the field of automobile, backlight and lighting. Hongbright LED is used by domestic automobile brands in China and many international automobile brands. We are excited to join the ISELED Alliance, developing more high-quality smartled, providing more high-quality smartled and realize more diversified and humanized applications of automotive interior atmosphere lamps”, stated Steve Zeng, Vice President RD & Operation, Hongbright. “We will also guide more automobile related enterprises to join ISELED Alliance and try hard to promote the long-term development of ISELED Alliance. In short, as an automotive lighting supplier, Hongbright is pleased to join the ISELED Alliance and proud to be a member of ISELED. Please give us a chance to entrance.”

Intron Group, a fast-growing automotive electronics solutions provider in China, focuses on providing solutions targeting critical automotive electronic components applied in new energy, body control, safety and powertrain systems.

“In past few years Chinese consumers especially, young generation have ever increasing demand for intelligent and comfort features when selecting their new energy vehicles. ISELED with its innovative communication technology for bus systems has potential to play a key role for the next generation automotive light solutions. Intron is a well-established automotive electronics solution provider in China market, we believe that we could create more values to our customers by developing innovative lighting electronics solutions based on ISELED”, said Dr. Jeff Zhou, Managing Director Europe Operations, Intron Technology GmbH

Polycontact is an innovative Swiss technology company with headquarters in Chur, which can look back on over 60 years of company history. As a long-standing, reliable partner to the automotive industry, Polycontact sets standards for all safety-relevant applications thanks to its extensive production experience, high flexibility and pronounced speed in development in the core areas of switches, sensors, electronics, lightings, harnesses and testing.

“ISELED simplifies and accelerates the development of outstanding lighting solutions because less effort is required for RGB LED control, calibration, and temperature compensation”, said Thomas Zaugg, CTO, Polycontact.

About the ISELED Alliance
The ISELED Alliance is an open industrial alliance with the objective of developing a comprehensive ecosystem – i.e. a complete system solution for innovative automotive lighting – based on ISELED technology. Meanwhile, ISELED products from several manufacturers, including a complete demo kit, are available. Further information and an overview of all members is available on the website of the ISELED Alliance:

About Inova Semiconductors
Inova Semiconductors GmbH is a fabless semiconductor manufacturer headquartered in Munich, Germany. The company was founded in 1999 and specialises in high-performance products for Gbit/s serial data communication. In addition to the successful APIX (Automotive Pixel Link) products, which have been delivered in high volumes – well over 170 million – and which are already available in the third generation, Inova introduced ISELED - the "Digital LED" in 2016 and has already produced 100 million of these chips. This was followed in 2020 by IlaS, the "ISELED Light and Sensor Network", which is due to go into series production in vehicles from 2025. Inova's semiconductor products are produced by leading manufacturers (foundries) in Asia and marketed via a global distribution network. More information:

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ISELED Alliance welcomes three new members

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The ISELED Alliance announces that three more members, Hongbright, Intron Technology and Polycontact, have joined the industry alliance. Thus, the open industry alliance currently counts 42 companies.
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