Press release by Inova Semiconductors on behalf of the ISELED Alliance
ISELED Alliance welcomes two new members
The broad alliance for ISELED technology continues to grow: Joysonquin and Keboda Technology generate new ideas in decorative trims and LED lighting electronics
Munich, 07 July 2021 – The ISELED Alliance announces that two more members, Joysonquin and Keboda Technology, have joined the industry alliance. The open industry alliance now comprises 40 companies covering the entire value chain around ISELED (Intelligent Smart Embedded LED). The technology is increasingly establishing itself as the standard in automotive lighting and is already being used in the first vehicles. The reason for this lies in the advantages of ISELED: The LED modules not only enable dynamic and functional lighting solutions in the vehicle, unlike previous solutions, they no longer have to be calibrated by the supplier, but can be used directly. This is why ISELED is also known as a "Digital LED".

"The alliance aims to build a comprehensive ecosystem around the ISELED technology and to offer comprehensive system solutions in addition to the products themselves – such as LED modules, microcontrollers, developer kits and test solutions," explains Robert Kraus, CEO of Inova Semiconductors and one of the founding fathers of the ISELED alliance. "The ISELED Alliance is very pleased to welcome Joysonquin and Keboda as new members. With now 40 members around the world and across the entire lighting value chain, the ecosystem continues to grow and establish ISELED more and more as a standardised solution in the market."

Joysonquin designs and engineers with 4,300 employees premium decorative trim, functional components and power management systems for electric vehicles. At production sites around the world, the company has deep technical expertise and deliver a wide range of innovative and first-class services to our customers around the globe. These include surface development, research, product design, prototyping and production.

"Joining the ISELED Alliance offers numerous advantages for Joysonquin Automotive Systems. The integration of light and function is an essential aspect of the design of trim parts. Whereas in the past the focus was mainly on the aesthetic character of the lighting, in the future functional tasks will also be taken on. ISELED technology sets the course for this. We are convinced that we can contribute our experience in the display of illuminated trim parts and play a substantial part in the further development of the system. We are looking forward to the intensive exchange within the alliance and the strategic partnerships," explains Christoph Krämer, Development Director Joysonquin Automotive Systems.

Founded in Pudong, Shanghai Free Trade Zone, Keboda Technology provides system solutions for automotive intelligent and energy-sufficient electronic components such as LED lighting electronics, motor control, energy electronics, and automotive electrical and electronic products. Keboda has successfully integrated into the global high-end industrial chain of automotive electronics. It is one of the few Chinese companies that could conduct simultaneous research and development of electronic products with high-end automotive brands around the world.

“Keboda is a system solution provider for automotive electronics. The company has been focusing on technology research, development, and industrialization of automotive electronics and related products. Keboda has the strong interest to join into the ISELED alliance, and has the related capability to contribute”, says Dr. Jun Zhao, Assistant President and Technical Director, Keboda.

About the ISELED Alliance

The ISELED Alliance is an open industrial alliance with the objective of developing a comprehensive ecosystem – i.e. a complete system solution for innovative automotive lighting – based on ISELED technology. Meanwhile, ISELED products from several manufacturers, including a complete demo kit, are available. Further information and an overview of all members is available on the website of the ISELED Alliance:
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