Press release by Inova Semiconductors on behalf of the ISELED Alliance
Increasing and diversified support for the ISELED technology
Elmos and Cemm Thome joined the ISELED Alliance to further drive the innovative LED technology in various market segments
Munich, 11 February 2020 – ISELED - the innovative technology based on a true "digital LED" - is further experiencing increasing acceptance in the industry. This is reflected in the growing and diversified membership of the ISELED Alliance, which has set itself the goal of offering a comprehensive system solution around the ISELED technology. From initially five members in autumn 2016 when ISELED was launched, the number of Alliance members today has increased to 30 companies and institutions. The entire value chain is now covered in order to establish ISELED as a standard system solution (ecosystem).

"Covering a broad range of different industry segments the Alliance members give ISELED technology ever greater dynamism and enormously expand its potential range of applications – far beyond the original idea of automotive interior lighting," stated Robert Kraus, CEO of Inova Semiconductors and one of the founders of the ISELED Alliance. “Against this background, the ISELED Alliance is delighted to welcome Elmos and Cemm Thome as new members, further driving the industry acceptance and opportunities of ISELED.”

Meanwhile the ISELED technology is supported by several leading LED manufactures, microcontroller vendors and Tier 1 automotive system suppliers. Expanding the originally ISELED protocol with the development of the ILaS bus concept (ISELED Light and Sensor network) will further broaden the applications which will benefit from the innovative and cost-efficient technology. With ILaS not only LED elements, but also other components such as matrix LED lights, sensors and actuators can in future be controlled in large numbers via a simple two-wire connection.

Both Elmos and Cemm Thome will provide innovative technologies and expertise around LED lighting to further strengthen and increase the ISELED ecosystem.

Elmos develops, produces and markets semiconductors and sensors, primarily for use in the automotive industry. The components communicate, measure, regulate and control safety, comfort, powertrain and network functions. For over 30 years, Elmos innovations have been bringing new functions to life and making mobility worldwide safer, more comfortable and more energy efficiency. Elmos has its headquarters in Dortmund, Germany. More information at

One recent Elmos lighting innovation for example is the E522.95. This multichannel LED controller for exterior lighting with advanced network interface capabilities can be connected directly to the Body Control Unit via the car in-vehicle network – therefore local lighting control units are no longer needed. A demonstrator at the trade show CES in Las Vegas showed various lighting scenarios.

“The ISELED Alliance pursues an innovative system approach to exploit the potential of future LED applications. Elmos is proud to be part of this alliance. We will contribute our system expertise with the goal of designing new products that will significantly determine future automotive LED applications," says Dr. Jan Dienstuhl, CSO of Elmos Semiconductor AG.

Cemm Thome is part of the Amphenol Corporation – one of the worldwide leading connector suppliers with more than 70 000 employees. Cemm Thome develops and manufactures innovative products for interior and exterior automotive lighting. The product portfolio includes automotive LED systems for ambient and functional lighting and connectors inclusive cable assemblies for exterior usage. Based on its global structure Cemm Thome can serve customers in Europe, North America and China with its development and manufacturing competence. More information at

“ISELED with its innovative bus system offers a high potential to be the future light source standard, especially for dynamic lighting designs in interior and exterior automotive applications.  Cemm Thome as supplier for innovative automotive lighting solutions and high closeness to its customers will help to further form this development, “says Dr. Michael Olbrich, Senior Optical Expert at Cemm Thome.  

Inova Semiconductors (Hall 3A, Booth 638) and other members of the ISELED Alliance will present the ISELED technology including demos and latest product developments at Embedded World 2020 (25 to 27 February 2020) at Nuremberg, Germany.

On March 26th, 2020 at the Sueddeutsche Publishing Group in Munich, the 3rd ISELED Conference will take place with an update as to where ISELED stands today and will advance to tomorrow. Alliance members are displaying their products and solutions while industry experts will discuss the latest trends and exciting opportunities in automotive lighting. For more information and to register, visit:

About the ISELED Alliance

The ISELED Alliance is an open industrial alliance with the objective of developing a comprehensive ecosystem – i.e. a complete system solution for innovative automotive lighting – based on ISELED technology. Meanwhile, ISELED products from several manufacturers, including a complete demo kit, are available. Further information:
About Inova Semiconductors

Inova Semiconductors GmbH is a fabless semiconductor manufacturer headquartered in Munich, Germany. The company was founded in 1999 and specializes in the development of state-of-the-art products for Gigabit/s serial data communication. Besides its successful APIX (Automotive Pixel Link) products, sold in very high volume and now in their third generation, Inova offers innovative technology solutions for LED lighting in automobiles and other industries based on the ISELED technology. Inova Semiconductor’s IC products are manufactured at leading foundries in Asia and sold through a worldwide sales network. More information:
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