Inova Semiconductors on behalf of the ISELED Alliance
ISELED Alliance wins prestigious “Electrons d’Or” award
French trade magazine ElectroniqueS and expert jury choose ISELED Alliance in the automotive segment
Paris, Munich 08 July 2019 – On 27 June 2019, the 2019 Electrons d’Or Awards were presented at a special celebration in the Centre d’Affaires Paris Trocadero. The awards ceremony marked the conclusion of a half-day round-table event on the theme of smart homes and buildings, organized by the leading French trade magazine ElectroniqueS in partnership with the industry association ACSIEL (Alliance Electronique). The coveted awards comprise a total of 14 categories, and have now been presented for the 22nd time.

Alongside various product categories including microcontrollers, analogue/mixed signal, passive components and connectors, embedded, and instrumentation, awards were also presented for innovations and solutions in the automotive, medical technology, aerospace/defence, and smart homes/buildings sectors. Plus there were two awards for start-up of the year and business of the year.

The trade magazine ElectroniqueS compiled a shortlist with more than 80 proposals in total – several in each category. Then the winners were chosen by an expert jury representing industry and research together with the editorial team.

The jury gave the 2019 Electrons d’Or award to the ISELED Alliance for applications in the automotive sector. In the final selection, the innovative concept based on the “digital LED” won out against high-profile competition from leading semiconductor manufacturers. The award was received by Stefan Hoffmann (Inova Semiconductors, on the right in the photo, source: Maÿlis Devaux/Electroniques/Acsiel) and Antonio Poianella (Magna Lighting, on the left) for the ISELED Alliance. The experts’ decision is further testimony to the high innovation potential of ISELED technology that goes far beyond the originally intended application of automotive interior lighting.

About the ISELED Alliance

The ISELED Alliance is an open industrial alliance with the objective of developing a comprehensive ecosystem – i.e. a complete system solution for innovative automotive lighting – based on ISELED technology. The alliance was founded in autumn 2016 and presented for the first time together with ISELED technology on 8 November 2016 at electronica in Munich. Meanwhile, ISELED products from several manufacturers, including a complete demo kit, are available. As of today, the ISELED alliance consist of 22 companies/institutions. Further information:
About Inova Semiconductors

Inova Semiconductors GmbH is a fabless semiconductor manufacturer headquartered in Munich, Germany. The company was founded in 1999 and specializes in the development of state-of-the-art products for Gigabit/s serial data communication. Besides its successful APIX (Automotive Pixel Link) products, sold in very high volume and now in their third generation, Inova offers innovative technology solutions for LED lighting in automobiles and other industries based on the ISELED technology. Inova Semiconductor’s IC products are manufactured at leading foundries in Asia and sold through a worldwide sales network. More information:
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