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20.06.2023 13:00 IAR fully supports the latest TRAVEO T2G CYT6BJ Body MCU series from Infineon
Uppsala, Sweden; June 20, 2023 – IAR, the world leader in software and services for embedded development, is pleased to announce its full support for the latest CYT6BJ series from Infineon’s TRAVEO™ T2G Body MCU family. The IAR Embedded Workbench for Arm is a comprehensive development toolchain and comes with a highly optimizing compiler and build tools as well as powerful debugging features with the code analysis tools C-STAT and C-RUN. This enables developers working on complex automotive body electronics applications to leverage the capabilities of the TRAVEO™ T2G MCUs, and create innovative designs with high code quality. The IAR Embedded Workbench for Arm supports AUTOSAR and is available as a Functional Safety edition for accelerated certification.
14.06.2023 13:00 IAR and AI Smart Monitoring Unleash Unparalleled Security for Heroic Faith Medical, Facilitating Medical Device Certification
Uppsala, Sweden; June 14, 2023 – IAR, the global leader in embedded development software and services, joins forces with Heroic Faith Medical to enhance data security in the healthcare industry. Heroic Faith Medical has adopted IAR Embedded Trust, a robust security solution, to protect their smart AI continuous respiratory monitoring device from breaching and tampering. This collaboration accelerates the attainment of essential medical device certifications, enabling the delivery of life-saving technologies to medical professionals worldwide.
07.06.2023 13:00 IAR elevates code security with IAR Embedded Workbench for Arm 9.40 through PACBTI integration
Uppsala, Sweden; June 7, 2023 – IAR, the global leader in embedded software and services, is pleased to announce v9.40 of the IAR Embedded Workbench for Arm. This latest update introduces an advancement in code security: the integration of the pointer Authentication and Branch Target Identification (PACBTI) extension for Armv8.1-M. With PACBTI, user applications gain protection through the implementation of cryptographic signatures, effectively preventing attackers from taking control of the entire system. The release also features enhanced smart IDE Build Actions, elevating the development experience for software engineers.
11.05.2023 10:00 IAR updates model-based design solution to master complex designs through visualization
Uppsala, Sweden; May 11, 2023 – IAR, the world leader in software and services for embedded development, today announces the latest version of its model-based design solution, IAR Visual State. Developers use IAR Visual State to build their high-level designs, structure complex applications, add step-by-step functionality in detail through visualization, and automatically generate 100% design-consistent C, C++, C#, or Java code. The latest release of IAR Visual State comes with enhanced cross-platform support, and new visualization features for fast code generation, supporting the low-code development approach.
12.04.2023 13:00 IAR Embedded Secure IP upgrades solutions portfolio with late-stage security
Uppsala, Sweden; April 12, 2023 – IAR, the world leader in software and services for embedded development, is announcing the launch of IAR Embedded Secure IP, enabling developers to add embedded security to their firmware applications even at a late stage of the product life cycle.
09.03.2023 11:00 IAR Enables Robust End-to-End Embedded Security Solution with the Launch of IAR Embedded Trust
Uppsala, Sweden; March 9, 2023 – IAR, the world leader in software and services for embedded development, is announcing today the launch of IAR Embedded Trust – the most robust end-to-end security workflow in the embedded industry. With this latest release, IAR delivers on its promise of “Security Made Simple” by helping customers manage, prioritize, and mitigate potential security problems quickly and easily.
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