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08.04.2024 09:30 HighTec Pioneers the SDV Future with First ISO 26262 ASIL D Qualified Rust Compiler for Infineon AURIX™ Microcontrollers
Saarbruecken/Germany, 8 April 2024 – HighTec EDV-Systeme GmbH has announced the first ISO 26262 ASIL D qualified Rust compiler for Infineon’s AURIX™ microcontrollers, marking a significant industry milestone towards security, safety and efficiency on automotive software development. In the rapidly evolving Software-Defined Vehicles (SDVs), security, complexity, and cost-effectiveness present significant challenges, moving the industry towards secure, safer and more efficient programming solutions. Rust is a memory safety programming language that provides a major advantage over traditional language by minimizing security risks, shortening development cycles and reducing costs. The announcement of HighTec being the first automotive grade Rust compiler for the AURIX microcontrollers marks a game changer in automotive software development.
27.03.2024 14:00 Progress quickly from a Rust beginner to an expert: HighTec and Doulos jointly promote specialist Rust training
Saarbruecken/Germany, 27 March 2024 – The Rust programming language is becoming increasingly important in embedded software development, particularly thanks to its robust safety and security functions. To give developers a kick-start into their Rust projects, HighTec is now cooperating with the training provider Doulos. Together, they promote practical, expert-led training that not only teaches the community how to best use the language for faster project success, but also how Rust can be used to advantage with legacy code in C/C++. Doulos’ Rust courses enable embedded software developers to accelerate their Rust projects and achieve maximum safety, security, and performance for their applications. In March 2023, HighTec launched the first Rust compiler for Infineon AURIX™ TC3x and TC4x microcontrollers. The training courses offered by Doulos now ensure that Rust beginners can quickly tackle their first Rust projects while integrating their legacy C/C++ code base.
08.11.2023 11:00 Compiler Performance Boost for Zone Control Units with Latest Release of HighTec's TriCore LLVM C/C++ Compiler for Infineon AURIX™ TC4x
Saarbruecken/Germany, 8 November 2023 – HighTec EDV-Systeme, a leading provider of compiler solutions for automotive microcontrollers, announces a new release of their TriCore LLVM C/C++ compiler optimized for Infineon’s AURIX™ TC4x family. The new compiler version V8.0.0 delivers significant performance improvements, with benchmark tests demonstrating an average performance increase of approximately 25% compared to previous releases. This enhancement enables automotive software developers to fully leverage the high performance of the AURIX TC4x microcontrollers for Zone Control Units (ZCUs) in modern automotive architectures.
18.09.2023 10:00 HighTec Announces Agreement with Synopsys on Distribution of Synopsys ARC® MetaWare Development Toolkit for Infineon AURIX TC4x
Saarbrücken/Germany, 18 September 2023 – HighTec EDV Systeme GmbH is further expanding its support for Infineon AURIX TC4x through a distribution and support agreement with Synopsys. HighTec can now offer its development platform for AURIX together with the Synopsys ARC® MetaWare Development Toolkit for AURIX™ TC4x as an optimized complete solution for Infineon AURIX TC4x.
08.03.2023 10:00 At the pulse of safety and security development: HighTec joins Rust Foundation
Saarbruecken/Germany, 8 March 2023 – Recently, HighTec EDV-Systeme GmbH presented the first Rust compiler for Infineon’s AURIX™ multicore architecture. Now the world’s largest commercial provider of LLVM open-source based C/C++ compiler tools actively joins the Rust Foundation as a Silver Member to accompany and further support the development with Rust. The programming language has been growing in popularity especially thanks to its robust safety and security features for demanding applications like automotive and industrial automation. By joining the Rust Foundation, HighTec is committed to staying close to the technical evolution of the language, identifying the needs of developers at an early stage, and contributing to the Rust ecosystem.
27.02.2023 14:00 HighTec the first to offer Rust Compiler for Infineon AURIX™ Microcontrollers
Saarbruecken/Germany, 27 February 2023 – HighTec EDV-Systeme GmbH continues to expand its compiler support for AURIX microcontrollers from Infineon Technologies AG: By introducing the first Rust compiler for the 32-bit AURIX™ multicore architecture, in addition to the proven LLVM open-source based C/C++ compiler tools, HighTec solidifies its key role as a leading provider of compiler solutions for AURIX. With this new offering, customers especially from the automotive and industrial sectors can now take advantage of the security and safety benefits of both the AURIX multicore architecture and HighTec's modern LLVM-based Rust compiler.
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