ELTEC's interface modules for the MVB bus offer safe train communication
Simple and safe recording of status data in the railway environment for predictive maintenance
Mainz, 27 February 2020 – With I/O modules for the multifunction vehicle bus (MVB) ELTEC expands its network solution range. The I/O modules CyBox IO MVB are interface boards that can be integrated into ELTEC products as mezzanine boards. They are used for monitoring the train-internal communication and acquisition of sensor data in trains, subways or trams, and comply with the IEC 61375 standard, thus providing the necessary functions for connecting field and control buses in the railway environment. The modules enable the collection of operating data for condition-based monitoring in order to ensure predictive maintenance at the right time.

The MVB I/O modules are available as stand-alone mezzanine solutions or integrated in the ELTEC gateway server (CyBox GW-P)and are certified according to EN 50155 to meet the rough requirements of railway technology. The interface modules are designed for non-reactive operation. This option is implemented in the hardware and cannot be programmed for safety reasons. In read-only mode, any intervention in the controller is prevented by blocking writing to the bus in the hardware. This non-reactive communication ensures that control processes, bus signals or writing operations are not influenced.

Users also benefit from the small form factor and the fast, simple implementation of different platforms using the ELTEC module standard and SPI interface. The interfaces are galvanically isolated (up to 1500 V dc) and offer high immunity to interference in systems that are distributed over a wide area. The flexibly deployable mezzanine cards can be controlled via the SPI protocol. The connectors required for the target bus on the front panel allow easy cabling.

The I/O modules for the MVB bus are available in two versions: for ESD+ (electrical short distance) with opto-decoupling up to 20 m distance and for EMD (electrical medium distance) with inductive coupling up to 200 m. The boards use the SPI bus which is available as I/O interface on most embedded controllers and SoCs.

The dimensions and interfaces comply with the ELTEC standard for mezzanine modules. Other interfaces such as CAN etc. are available in the same format. The connection to the base board is made via a 30-pin connector with the corresponding SPI and power supply signals. The modules are designed for the extended temperature range of -40 to +70 °C (+85 °C) and for rough environmental conditions.
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