Columbus McKinnon at LogiMAT 2018 (13 to 15 March 2018, Stuttgart) in Hall 7, Stand D51
Even faster, more compact: New version of the PHOENIX telescopic lifting column from Columbus McKinnon
Kissing/Germany, March 14, 2018 - At LogiMAT 2018, Columbus McKinnon Engineered Products presents the latest and most powerful version of its proven PHOENIX telescopic lifting column. In the single-stage design of the updated lifting column, ball screws and bevel gear screw jacks now permit even higher lifting speeds of up to 15 m/min. The multi-stage design excels with its compact mounting dimension. With a basic overall height of only 1,030 mm, the telescopic lifting columns reach a lifting height of 2,000 mm and, thanks to their low-backlash sliding guides, ensure the absolute stability of heavy loads even when fully extended. The high lifting capacity even for eccentric forces of up to 25 kN means that the load's centre of gravity does not have to be centered on the mounting plate. The new linear actuator catalogue from Columbus McKinnon, which will be available by the end of April, provides a clear overview of updated performance and selection tables as well as mounting positions and drive diagrams.

Synchronisation of multiple lifting columns in multi-lifting systems

The PHOENIX telescopic lifting column can be used both as a stand-alone drive and combined as multi-lifting systems. The synchronisation can either be done electrical or mechanical, i.e. multiple lifting columns can be connected by means of bevel gearboxes and flexible shafts and actuated with a central motor. This ensures a uniform travel speed, even for uneven weight distribution.

With precise positioning and versatile installation options - vertically, horizontally, even upside-down - qualify the current PHOENIX lifting columns for a wide range of tasks. Among other things, they have proven themselves as the basis for ergonomic height-adjustable workstations in the automotive engine assembly and working in cyclic operation for the positioning of components in an assembly line. In the aviation industry, they are being used for the lifting and positioning of large and heavy components with variable geometry, e.g. airplane wings.

Due to its attractive design, the PHOENIX lifting column can also be used in non-industrial applications, for example in theatres, where projectors or other loads have to be moved.

Customised configuration thanks to numerous options

Numerous options are available for the PHOENIX telescopic lifting column, including hand cranks, safety nuts, inductive limit switches, gear limit switches, as well as flanges for the direct mounting of motors and encoders. The self-locking mechanism of the trapezoidal screw ensures that loads are safely secured at standstill. A safety nut, a standard feature of trapezoidal and AGS threads, indicates the thread's state of wear.

The closed outer housing made of robust aluminium profile tubes makes the PHOENIX insensitive to coarse dirt, decreasing the need for maintenance. Every column can be customized to fit the customers demands, for example the height, the travel speed or customer-specific head and base plate.

The new PHOENIX telescopic lifting column can be seen live at LogiMAT in Stuttgart from 13 to 15 March in Hall 7, Stand D51, where Columbus McKinnon Engineered Products will be showcasing its latest innovations together with its sister companies, Stahl Crane Systems and Columbus McKinnon Industrial Products.

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The company Columbus McKinnon Engineered Products GmbH, Kissing/Germany, has ranked with its brand Pfaff-silberblau for many decades amongst the technology leaders in components and system solutions for mechanical motion and lifting technology. The portfolio ranges from sophisticated screw jack elements to innovative linear drives through to powerful lifting tables and wire rope winches. On the basis of these components, Columbus McKinnon Engineered Products also offers customized solutions for a wide range of different fields of application. Columbus McKinnon Engineered Products is a subsidiary of the listed McKinnon Corporation (CMCO), Getzville/USA, a leading supplier of lifting and materials handling equipment. Worldwide, the Group has around 3,300 employees at 20 manufacturing facilities in seven countries and in 47 sales and service offices in 21 countries.
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Even faster, more compact: New version of the PHOENIX telescopic lifting column
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