Alps Alpine Expands SKSU Series Automotive TACT Switch™ Lineup
Push Clarity Realized with Quiet Operation and Distinct Click
Munich, Germany, August 02, 2019 – Alps Alpine Co., Ltd., a manufacturer of high-quality electronic products, has added a model with 0.9mm travel to its SKSU Series compact, middle-stroke TACT Switch™ lineup. The SKSUBCE010 realizes push clarity along with quiet operation and a distinct click, suitable for automotive use.

The newly developed product’s 0.9mm travel places it at the longer end of the middle stroke range. While retaining the quiet sound and distinct click feel made possible by combining rubber and metal for an original contact structure, the new model delivers a clearer push sensation, both enhancing the clarity of operation and satisfying demand for a premium operating feel. The SKSUBCE010 also incorporates a pre-stroke design – a feature of existing automotive TACT Switch™ products – helping to prevent rattling* while integrated into the end product. Because the SKSU Series has mounting compatibility with the existing SKTQ Series, customers using an existing product can choose the best operating feel for their vehicle brand without having to modify the board design.

Alps Alpine, which has developed and manufactured around 27 main types of TACT Switch™ for automotive use, responds to the needs of manufacturers by making ongoing additions to its already diverse feel variety and will keep on contributing to a more comfortable experience for vehicle users.

Diverse selection of styles
(see fig. 1)

  1. Compact, 0.9mm middle stroke for a clear push feel, quiet operation and distinct click
  2. Pre-stroke design helps prevent rattling
  3. Existing SKTQ Series products can be replaced without modifying board design
  4. IP67-equivalent dust and water resistance
Principal Applications
  • Steering wheel switches
  • Center console panels (e.g. HVAC)
  • Car audio, navigation and other systems
*Rattling noise caused by parts making contact with one another when vibrations are applied to the product

(see table 1)

Additional Resources

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