ALPS Introduces Ultra-Compact Universal Single LNB with Low Power Consumption of 80mA
Duesseldorf, Germany, August 03, 2004 – With the Universal Single LNB (Low Noise Block-Converter) BSTE8-700 Series ALPS Electric Europa GmbH now offers a new Low Noise Convertor series for analog and digital satellite signals. ALPS unique RF-engineering experiences provide the significant features of this ultra-compact LNB as the low current consumption of typically 80mA, its light weight of only 95 grams and the low noise figure of typically 0.6dB.

The BSTE8-700 Series is equipped with a dielectric feedhorn with 40mm in diameter. It requires a supply voltage of 11.5V to 19V and has a reception frequency in low (10.7GHz to 11.7GHz) and high band (11.7GHz to 12.75GHz). Conversion stage of the LNB uses low phase noise local oscillators based on well-established frequencies of 9.75GHz and 10.6GH, being controlled by 22kHz signal. To switch between vertical and horizontal polarisation a 14/18V voltage is applied. The IF output ranges from 950MHz up to 1,950MHz in the lower band and from 1,100MHz to 2,150MHz in the higher band.

No other part of the satellite receiver is as exposed to exterior influences as the LNB. Therefore ALPS uses for its new model a fully moulded plastic package and an encapsulated connexion socket of the F connector for an optimal protection in any weather.

High Quality Standards in Assembly

ALPS' LNBs are being produced in Europe and are at 100 per cent tested for quality. Especially the unique Vaccum/Pressure test guarantee an outstanding reliability. The strict quality management at ALPS leads to a result of only a few hundred field returned units out of one million delivered LBNs.
ALPS Electric Co., Ltd.

Since its establishment in 1948 ALPS has grown as a comprehensive manufacturer of electronic components. At present ALPS is creating innovative high-value-added products in its main business segments – Components, Magnetic Devices, Communications, Peripheral Products, and Automotive Electronics – which are contributing to the advance of a digital society. ALPS is a global company that carries out its operations with 23 production bases in 8 countries as well as 60 sales bases in 13 countries. Consolidated net sales in the year ended March 31, 2003 amounted to YEN 602 billion.

ALPS Electric Europa GmbH, a subsidiary of ALPS Electric Co., Ltd., was established in 1979. Since 1989 the European Head Office is located in Düsseldorf. A team of specialists is working here in Sales, Marketing, and Product Engineering. From Düsseldorf the activities of our branch offices in Munich, Paris, Milton Keynes and the European distribution are co-ordinated. ALPS Nordic AB, a 100 percent subsidiary of ALPS Electric Europa GmbH, located in Sweden, is servicing the Scandinavian market.
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ALPS Introduces Ultra-Compact Universal Single LNB with Low Power Consumption of 80mA
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