electronica 2004 – hall A.4, stand 542
ALPS Presents Innovations in Automotive, Communications and Electromechanical Components
Duesseldorf, Germany, September 15, 2004 – ALPS Electric Europa GmbH, one of the leading manufacturers of electronic components, again will participate in this year's electronica (Munich, 9 to 12 November). At its attractive new 300 sqm exhibition booth in hall A.4, stand 542 the company is presenting a plethora of innovations for optical technologies, automotive components, telecommunications, broadcasting and numerous other products which emphasize the company's huge commitment to human-machine-interfaces.

One of the novelties are among others the aspherical glass lenses from the FLK series. They are 3mm to 20mm in diameter, have a lens thickness of only 1mm to 3mm and a surface accuracy of +/-5µ. The lenses are predestined to be employed in digital cameras and offer a high picture quality. Furthermore a family of compact aspherical glass lenses for optical communications will be presented. The lenses of CAN-, square- or micro-type support wave lengths of 1310nm or 1550nm and operate within a temperature range of –40°C to +85°C.

ALPS also proves its competence in wireless communications with the FTTH (Fiber to the Home) transceivers of the FLTA-series and the FTTH network modules of the FLU-family. The components from the FLTA-series are bidirectional ONU- (Optical Network Unit) transceivers with a wavelength of 1260nm to 1310nm and a data rate of 155.52Mbit/s in sending mode (Tx) and a wavelength of 1480nm to 1580nm and a data rate of 622.08Mbit/s when receiving (Rx). The minimal sensitivity is <–28dBm. The transceivers have a maximum power consumption of 350mA and are dedicated to be used in PONs (passive optical networks). With the FLU-family ALPS presents bidirectional three-way-modules with integrated video port. The modules support wave lengths of 1310nm/Tx, 1490nm/Rx and 1550nm/Rx.

Further innovations in communications at electronica are the series of HF modules like VCOs and synthesizer for cellular phones, WLAN communications modules and Bluetooth modules. The latter are available as 19.5mm x 12mm x 2mm sized all-in-one-modules with integrated Bluetooth protocol stack and also as HCI modules with a size of 7.2mm x 7.3mm x 1.4mm.

Another focus of ALPS at electronica will be the broadcasting section. The center stage is not only taken by tuners to receive terrestrial, CATV and satellite signals, but also by antennas for TV and communications signals like GPS antennas of the BSG-1/2-series. These compact modules offer a frequency range of 1575.42 +/- 1.023MHz and an amplification of 27dBi. The output impedance typically is 50 Ohm.

In the automotive sector latest developments like the haptic commander in its rotation and thumb-wheel version will be the main sensation. Both versions are remarkable for their space saving design and their multifunctionality. The thumb-wheel version for instance can be integrated in a steering wheel and comfortably be operated with one thumb. Other innovations for the automotive sector are a passive entry system, body control and steering modules as well as components for a battery-free tire-pressure control system, which monitors the air pressure in all tires at a speed of up to 330 km/h. Additional „highlights“ at ALPS' electronica booth are an actuator with 14.9mm in diameter, 7mm height and a 10µm step motor for autofocus settings and the latest memory card connector for RS-MMCTM, SD-Memory-CardTM, MiniSD-CardTM and Memory-Stick-DuoTM, which offer high quality and contact stability within extremely small dimensions. Last but not least, the program for switches, buttons and encoders with all its diversities and new versions like the surface mountable tactile switches of the SKRN-series is to be seen. The new switches family is exceptional for its small foot print of only 6mm x 6mm, a low height of 0.9mm and very long life cycle of up to 500,000 switch cycles. The two-stage switches are designed to switch currencies of 50mA at maximal 12VDC and require a actuating force of 0.59N (first step) and 1.57N (second step). They are the ideal solution for cellular phones, digital cameras, digital video cameras and many other portable devices.

Further details and products are to be seen at the exhibition booth of ALPS Electric Europa GmbH in hall A.4, stand 542.
ALPS Electric Co., Ltd.

Since its establishment in 1948 ALPS has grown as a comprehensive manufacturer of electronic components. At present ALPS is creating innovative high-value-added products in its main business segments – Components, Magnetic Devices, Communications, Peripheral Products, and Automotive Electronics – which are contributing to the advance of a digital society. ALPS is a global company that carries out its operations with 23 production bases in 8 countries as well as 60 sales bases in 13 countries. Consolidated net sales in the year ended March 31, 2003 amounted to YEN 602 billion.

ALPS Electric Europa GmbH, a subsidiary of ALPS Electric Co., Ltd., was established in 1979. Since 1989 the European Head Office is located in Düsseldorf. A team of specialists is working here in Sales, Marketing, and Product Engineering. From Düsseldorf the activities of our branch offices in Munich, Paris, Milton Keynes and the European distribution are co-ordinated. ALPS Nordic AB, a 100 percent subsidiary of ALPS Electric Europa GmbH, located in Sweden, is servicing the Scandinavian market.
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ALPS Presents Innovations in Automotive, Communications and Electromechanical Components
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