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25.03.2022 11:00 Alps Alpine Develops SSCZ Single-Pole, Double-Throw Detector Switch
Munich, Germany, March 25, 2022 – Alps Alpine has developed the SSCZ compact detector switch, expanding its switch series lineup for open/shut detection in car doors and other automotive parts.
13.12.2021 15:00 Alps Alpine Develops Isolated “TriMagiC Converter™” On/On & On/Off Type Isolated DC-DC Converter Circuit Technology
Power Electronics for Space Savings and Reduced Power Con-sumption in EVs

Munich, Germany, December 13, 2021 – Alps Alpine has developed a new high-performance isolated DC-DC converter circuit technology, Isolated TriMagiC Converter™. The technology uses Li-qualloy™ – an original magnetic material developed by Alps Alpine – instead of ferrite for magnetic components in trans-formers and resonant coils. Use of the material here in a circuit that operates in On/On & On/Off mode simultaneously enables both high peak conversion efficiency of 96.8% and compact size – the total size of magnetic components comes to one third com-pared to existing methods – even with high output power of 3.3kW. High output power ensures compatibility with the high power requirement for autonomous driving and in-vehicle entertainment systems while com-pact size and high conversion efficiency contribute to space efficiency and reduced power consumption in electric vehicles. Samples are to be made available for the purpose of researching the market and evaluat-ing performance with a view to commencing sales of components using Liqualloy™, including magnetic cores, transformers and resonant coils, around October 2023.
23.11.2021 15:00 Alps Alpine and Furuno Develop GNSS Module – Realizing High-Accuracy Vehicle Positioning to Within 50cm Without Correction Data
Munich, Germany, November 23, 2021 – Alps Alpine and Furuno Electric Co., Ltd. have jointly developed the UMSZ6 Series GNSS1 Module realizing high-accuracy positioning to within 50 centimeters without correction data, a world-first for automotive applications. Even on general roads (approx. three meters wide), the module reliably enables vehicle positioning down to the lane level, as is required of various V2X2 applications, thereby contributing to greater sophistication of autonomous driving functions. With a view to undertaking sales promotion activities worldwide, efforts will be made to enhance the degree of completion of the product through performance evaluations involving demonstration testing. We aim for a start to mass production in 2023.
16.07.2021 10:00 Alps Alpine Develops Hands-Off Detection ECU for Autonomous Driving Assistance Systems and Begins Mass Production
Munich, Germany, July 16, 2021 – Alps Alpine has a developed an electronic control unit (ECU)1 for hands-off detection to support autonomous driving systems by distinguishing between variations in a driver’s grip on the steering wheel. Mass production began in spring 2021 and the plan is to gradually expand deployment to a range of vehicle models. To accommodate advancements in autonomous driving support and further contribute to safe and comfortable mobility, development for next-generation models is already underway
28.06.2021 10:00 Alps Alpine Develops Ambient Air Sensor Module Useful for COVID-19 Prevention
Munich, Germany, June 28, 2021 – Alps Alpine has a devel-oped an Ambient Air Sensor Module to perform high-accuracy sensing of carbon dioxide (CO2) concentrations, temperature and humidity in the immediate surrounds. The module could be used in places like restaurants and entertain-ment facilities to monitor indoor ventilation, temperature and humidity indoors as part of COVID-19 prevention measures. Other sensors can be included, too, for detection of PM2.5, vola-tile organic compounds (VOCs) and alcohol. Alps Alpine will proceed with market research with a view to deployment of the module for diverse applications, such as energy-saving func-tionality in major appliances to help combat global warming and automotive features to stop drivers falling asleep at the wheel, contributing to safe mobility. Mass production is scheduled to begin in fiscal 2022.
10.06.2021 15:00 AirInput Solutions Trialed for Mid-Air Control of Elevators and Lighting in New Building of Recruit Co., Ltd.
Munich, Germany, June 10, 2021 – Alps Alpine Co., Ltd. is trialing use of AirInput solutions for elevator control panels and light switches inside a new office building of Recruit Co., Ltd. (President: Yoshimura Kitamura). The mid-air input solutions, employing original high-sensitivity capacitive sensors to allow touchless operation, were jointly installed with Cosmos More Co., Ltd. (CEO: Hisao Edahiro), the company in charge of the facility management project. Knowledge learned from the trial as the solutions are put to actual use will be applied to accelerate AirInput™ commercialization in diverse markets. Our aim is to support society as it transitions to a “New Normal” by responding to demand for no-touch options in public spaces, particularly in light of fears of contracting a disease like COVID-19.
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