XCHARGE introduces new Smart DC Charger C7 with fast charging power of up to 420kW
Powerful charging performance for two vehicles at the same time, compact and barrier-free design, and additional large customizable display
May 10, 2023 – This new charging station is perfectly suited for use in public spaces: At the EV Nordic Summit in Oslo, Norway, XCHARGE premiered the Smart DC Charger C7 with a compact and barrier-free design, making it easily accessible for every EV driver. With up to 420kW charging power, the C7 can charge two vehicles simultaneously and quickly. Its large displays not only promise user-friendliness but can also be customized with marketable advertising. Eye-catching LED lights on the housing provide additional attention. The Smart DC Charger C7 from XCHARGE meets all technical and construction specifications for use in Germany, France, Italy, Spain, and the rest of Europe.

Fast loading, easy configuration

With its high charging power of 400kW or 420kW, the Smart DC Charger C7 shortens the time users spend at the charging station. Thanks to the flexible power distribution, two vehicles can be charged simultaneously. The power can be measured on the output side via a regular DC meter; a PTB-certified version will be available shortly.

Display for customized advertising

For charging station operators, the additional large display of the new smart DC charger from XCHARGE offers attractive monetizable options. While the charging process is being controlled on a smaller touch display, the 21.5 inch LCD screen can be customized, for example with additional marketable advertising. The design LED lights integrated into the housing can be animated and customized in terms of color, thus ensuring a further plus in terms of attention.

Barrier-free and user-friendly

Especially at publicly accessible parking lots such as a supermarket, an easily accessible and barrier-free charging point increases the acceptance and thus also the use by EV drivers. The C7 from XCHARGE, with its easy-to-use charging socket, integrated cable management, and intuitive touch display, complies with all regulations of the German DIN 18040-3 for barrier-free construction in public transport and open spaces. At the same time, the compact Smart DC Charger from XCHARGE with dimensions of only 800x900x1992mm requires a minimum of floor space.

“The new Smart DC Charger C7 is another important addition to the growing XCHARGE portfolio”, says Albina Iljasov, Head of Sales and Business Development, XCHARGE Europe. “The rapid provision of high-performance charging points is essential for the transformation to e-mobility and for quickly achieving the European Net Zero targets. With this new product, we actively help accelerating the rapid expansion of EV charging infrastructure.”

Besides the new C7, XCHARGE’s product portfolio includes the revolutionary battery-integrated charger Net Zero Series and the smart DC charger C6EU. All information about XCHARGE and its products can be found at www.xcharge.com.

XCHARGE is a leading high-power smart charging solutions provider. From design to R&D, from manufacturing to sales, from solutions to maintenance, XCHARGE thrives to enable charging capacity to energy companies, fleet operators, and parking lot operators worldwide. The company applies “Hardware + Software” system to make a real difference to EV charging experience. XCHARGE has evolved from the idea to help clients maximize charging revenue, while minimizing maintenance costs. The company prepares clients for a low carbon transformation and inspire business growth. Together with partners, XCHARGE is present in more than 25 countries.

For more information, please visit www.xcharge.com/global/en
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XCHARGE introduces new Smart DC Charger C7 with fast charging power of up to 420kW

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