Vector Simplifies the Loading of E-Commercial Vehicles via Pantographs
Stuttgart, GERMANY, 2020-06-23 – Vector is supplementing its ECU lineup by adding a controller for charging via pantographs. Developers of electric commercial vehicles such as buses will benefit from this solution for quick and efficient charging via an electrical collector which is available now. The generic controller, the VC-EVCC-P, supports roof-mounted pantographs as well as loading according to the OppCharge standard via inverted pantographs. Communication with an existing charging infrastructure is easily possible.

The Vector controller VC-EVCC-P (Electric Vehicle Communication Controller for Pantograph charging) is a generic charging controller for 24-volt electrical systems. This makes it usable in all kinds of commercial vehicles. The controller supports charging via current collectors, also known as pantographs. It is already qualified for production use and can be installed in vehicles directly. The new charging controller is also well suited for prototypes and evaluation purposes.

Along with the conventional construction method, in which a pantograph is mounted on the vehicle roof and docks to the charging station from there, the Vector controller also supports inverted pantographs. In this configuration, which is being used increasingly, the pantograph is located at the charge point from where it establishes a connection to the electric vehicle, e.g., a bus. Wireless communication with the charging infrastructure, which is needed for charging processes when inverted pantographs are used, is implemented as an accessory: the CAN WiFi Gateway. It enables WiFi communication based on IEEE 802.11a/n in the 5 GHz band. Its radio license permits use of the CAN WiFi Gateway within European member states.

The controller’s CAN channel with the standardized SAE J1939 protocol for the commercial vehicle market assures quick connection. It supports diagnostic messages based on DM1, DM13 and J1939 Network Management. When inverted pantographs are used, charging communication is done according to the OppCharge V1.3.0 protocol. In the release planned for the second half of 2020, the VC-EVCC-P will also support charging processes via pantographs mounted on the vehicle roof based on the DIN-70121/ISO-15118-2 protocol. The VC-EVCC-P charging controller was developed according to automotive and commercial vehicle industry standards. It covers degrees of protection IP6K6K, IP6K7 and IP6K9K. The CAN WiFi Gateway, manufactured to industrial standards, offers a degree of protection of IP65.

Increased public awareness of air pollution in cities has motivated public transit companies to increasingly switch over to electric buses. The charging technology with pantographs is ideally suited for them. That is because it enables fast charging in charging slots that are more frequent and shorter in duration. This requirement is especially important for commercial vehicles. The goal is to keep the vehicles operating throughout the day without limiting their availability.

The Vector controllers can be used universally with a focus on data communication. Because they use standard technologies, they are ideal for quickly developing functional samples and using them in production. All production ECUs are qualified for in-vehicle use. The Vector controllers are also available in higher volumes for test fleets and short production runs. Vector is able to offer a complete package with full functionality together with its AUTOSAR basic software MICROSAR.

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Vector is the leading manufacturer of software tools and embedded components for the development of electronic systems and their networking with many different systems from CAN to Automotive Ethernet.
Vector has been a partner of automotive manufacturers and suppliers and related industries since 1988. Vector tools and services provide engineers with the decisive advantage to make a challenging and highly complex subject area as simple and manageable as possible. Vector employees work on electronic innovations for the automotive industry every day. Worldwide customers in the automotive, commercial vehicles, aerospace, transportation, and control technology industries rely on the solutions and products of the independent Vector Group for the development of technologies for future mobility.
Vector worldwide currently employs more than 3,000 people with sales of EUR 770 million in 2019. With its headquarters in Germany (Stuttgart), Vector has subsidiaries in the USA, Japan, France, Great Britain, Italy, Austria, Sweden, Romania, South Korea, India, China, and Brazil.

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Figure 1: The new Vector VC-EVCC-P controller supports charging with pantographs, e.g., for electric buses Image rights: Vector Informatik GmbH

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Figure 2: Focus on electric commercial vehicles: The generic controller VC-EVCC-P supports pantographs mounted on the roof as well as loading according to the OppCharge standard via inverted pantographs. Image rights: Vector Informatik GmbH

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Figure 3: Already qualified for production use: The new VC-EVCC-P charging controller from Vector. Image rights: Vector Informatik GmbH
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