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18.03.2019 11:00 ISELED Alliance welcomes eleven new members
Munich, 18 March 2019 - Following ISELED's official debut at electronica 2016, this innovative technology based on a true "digital LED" has found enormous acceptance in the industry. This is also reflected in the development of the ISELED Alliance, which has set itself the goal of offering a comprehensive system solution – an ecosystem – around ISELED. ...
25.02.2019 14:00 2nd ISELED conference – new instalment following the successful premiere
Munich, 25 February 2019 – Following the successful and fully booked 2018 premiere, the 2nd ISELED conference will take place in Munich on 5 April 2019. After the innovative ISELED technology based on a truly “digital LED” by Inova Semiconductors was introduced at electronica 2016, the concept with ...
20.02.2019 11:00 New TWIN SerDes devices in the APIX3 family from Inova Semiconductors
Munich, 20 February 2019 – Two new APIX3 SerDes TWIN transmitters, each with two independent transmission channels, are now available from Inova Semiconductors. APIX (Automotive Pixel Link) is a multi-channel SerDes (serializer/deserializer) technology developed by Inova for high-resolution video ...
08.11.2018 13:00 Inova Semiconductors supplies first SerDes devices of the new APIX3 generation
Munich, 08 November 2018 – Inova Semiconductors now launched the first members of the new APIX3 generation – two transmitters and a receiver. APIX (Automotive Pixel Link) is a multi-channel SerDes (serialiser/deserialiser) technology developed by Inova for high-resolution video applications in motor...
24.10.2018 16:00 Microchip supports the ISELED Alliance with its broad and energy efficient microcontroller portfolio
Munich and Chandler, Arizona, 24 October 2018 – Microchip, a leading global manufacturer of semiconductors, becomes the newest member of the open ISELED Alliance that was formed to develop and market an innovative in-vehicle LED lighting concept – the "digital LED".  The Alliance aims to install  ...
05.10.2018 11:00 OSRAM Opto Semiconductors, one of the world's leading LED manufacturers, joins the ISELED Alliance
Munich, 05 October 2018 – OSRAM Opto Semiconductors, a global semiconductor manufacturer and leading provider of LED solutions, has joined the ISELED Alliance. The alliance was founded in 2016 to further develop and market the "digital LED" (controller chip with three coloured LED chips) for an ...
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