Small, bright, high-contrast: FRAMOS offers new high-resolution OLED microdisplay for AR applications
Taufkirchen, March 18, 2020 – FRAMOS, a global partner for vision technologies, now offers the new ECX335S microdisplay series from Sony Semiconductor Solutions. Featuring outstanding brightness, contrast and resolution plus a wide viewing angle, this solution is suited to the fast-growing market of augmented reality (AR) devices. These include head-mounted displays (HMDs), electronic viewfinders (VFs), and small monitors. The ECX335S is an OLED panel module with active matrix colour design, exceptional brightness of up to 3,000 cd/m², Full HD resolution with 1,920 x 1,080 RGB pixels, and a diagonal of 1.8 cm (0.71 inch). Its power consumption is low even at a frame rate of 60 fps.

AR applications require brightness in excess of 1,000 cd/m². This means the OLED microdisplay must have a nominal value of at least 3,000 cd/m², to allow for transmission losses during projection. Through a clever combination of enhancements, Sony Semiconductor Solutions has increased the brightness of the new ECX335S microdisplays by a factor of three compared to previous models, while maintaining the same operational life. With its brightness characteristics, extremely small form factor (21.44 mm x 15.62 mm) and a contrast ratio of 100,000:1, this module will continue to spur innovative AR solutions. Information levels in the HMD or VF are rich in contrast and blend seamlessly into the real world, creating a “real” AR experience.

Sibel Yorulmaz-Cokugur, Sony’s subject matter expert at FRAMOS, emphasises the advantages of the new microdisplays from Sony Semiconductor Solutions: “The ECX335S modules offer ultra-high contrast, a very wide colour space, and a fast response time. They also have an energy-saving feature that increases their life in AR devices and wearables. The innovative “orbit” function prevents burn-in, where adjacent pixels age at different rates. With these characteristics, the display is ideal for many AR applications and ready for device development in a significant growth market.”

Availability and further information

The ECX335S microdisplay can be pre-ordered from FRAMOS. Availability of the product series will be announced in Q2/Q3.

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FRAMOS now offers new high-resolution OLED microdisplays from Sony Semiconductor Solutions for AR applications

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