New at FRAMOS®: Tamron’s First Block Camera Featuring 30x Zoom and Global Shutter Imaging
Tamron’s Block Camera MP2030M-GS is a hands-on Embedded Vision Solution for High-Quality CMOS Global Shutter Imaging for Motion Applications
Tamron, a long-standing lens manufacturer, has launched its very first global shutter block camera. The MP2030M-GS is equipped with Sony’s IMX265, an industrial grade 1/1.8” Global Shutter CMOS sensor. This camera is combined with a built-in high-power 30x zoom lens and is suitable for both wide angle and telephoto pictures. In addition, the advanced feature set makes the new Tamron block camera a perfect 24/7 candidate for both day and night conditions in security, surveillance or traffic applications. This block camera along with all Tamron lenses are available from global imaging expert FRAMOS.

The state-of-art sensor used in this device provides 3.19 Megapixel resolution with high light sensitivity and guarantees excellent picture quality with low noise. There is a possibility to select between various output modes – from NTSC/PAL to 1080p/60. The Global Shutter CMOS type imager prevents motion blur in the images when capturing fast moving objects. The lens has a 30x optical and 16x digital zoom which gives it a zoom range from 6-180mm optical and up to 2880mm equivalent focal length using the digital zoom. This fully capable lens makes this block camera quite suitable for a wide variety of working distances. The field of view is between 60° and 2.5° and features a f-stop between 1.5 and 4.8, depending on the zoom factor.

Darren Bessette, Category Manager, Devices, at FRAMOS, says: “The Tamron MP2030M-GS provides everything customers expect with a security type block camera. Random trigger modes and external trigger synchronisation makes this device perfect for traffic monitoring. The wide dynamic range ensures excellent picture quality, even in difficult scenes under both bright and dark light conditions. The electronic image stabilization, defog, auto ICR and privacy maps are well suited for various surveillance and outdoor applications like aerial imaging, drone inspection, or rescue robots.”

The MP2030M-GS camera module has both LVDS and composite video and can be controlled via VISCA. The industry and product experts at FRAMOS are available to support customers with the integration of these new cameras into their applications and projects. In addition, FRAMOS provides support services for development, customized solutions, and logistics.

FRAMOS enables machines to see and think. Imaging and vision technologies are their passion, they play a key role in automation, robotics and the IoT-connected factory and are key drivers in cognitive systems and vision based artificial intelligence. FRAMOS is a leading global supplier of imaging products, custom vision solutions and OEM services. As a modern family business, they have been assisting customers since 1981 with services ranging from image sensor selection through to camera customization and full turn-key designs. From the sensor to the finished system, FRAMOS offers a powerful portfolio of imaging services and components with a range of capabilities to suit every budget. Strong brands combined with excellent technical support allow their customers to develop cutting-edge imaging solutions and shorten their time-to-market. With a team of more than 100 employees working worldwide, they aim to find the fastest and most efficient imaging solutions for their customers.
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Tamron’s First Block Camera Featuring 30x Zoom and Global Shutter Imaging
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