New at FRAMOS®: Sony’s IMX397 as a Small, Low Power Global Shutter CMOS Imager for High-speed Monitoring and Sensing in Embedded Industrial Applications
The Sony IMX397 is a very small 1/6.4” CMOS Global Shutter sensor with a pixel pitch of 3,45µm, and providing VGA resolution. It is a low noise, low power imager with a small footprint and a high-speed throughput of 240 fps at full resolution. These qualities, together with MIPI output and a compact package, make this embedded low-cost imager a perfect candidate for Factory Automation, industrial applications, and sensing. This new sensor and all other SONY imagers and accessories is available from global imaging expert, FRAMOS®.

The monochrome-only small image sensor is 4.63 mm by 3.67 mm in a very thin package. The MIPI CSI-2 I/F can connect to general purpose ISP, and this feature makes the Sony IMX397 a very good choice for Embedded Vision projects in an industrial environment.

Sibel Yorulmaz-Cokugur, Sensor Expert at FRAMOS, says: “By combining the Global Shutter technology with low Parasitic Light Sensitivity (PLS), high sensitivity and low noise, motion blur is eliminated for high picture quality in moving and shaking applications. Pixel Binning and sub-sampling can be enabled for even higher speed up to 1350 fps.”

Both internal and external triggers can be set for precise timing and capture control in automated industrial processes. The IMX397 has a 10-bit A/D converter and operates with three power supply voltages, achieving low power consumption of about 105mW for battery operation.

The industry and product experts at FRAMOS are available to support customers with the integration of these new sensors into their applications and projects. In addition, FRAMOS provides support services for development, customization, and logistics.

FRAMOS enables machines to see and think. Imaging and vision technologies are their passion, they play a key role in automation, robotics and the IoT-connected factory and are key drivers in cognitive systems and vision based artificial intelligence. FRAMOS is a leading global supplier of imaging products, custom vision solutions and OEM services. As a modern family business, they have been assisting customers since 1981 with services ranging from image sensor selection through to camera customization and full turn-key designs. From the sensor to the finished system, FRAMOS offers a powerful portfolio of imaging services and components with a range of capabilities to suit every budget. Strong brands combined with excellent technical support allow their customers to develop cutting-edge imaging solutions and shorten their time-to-market. With a team of more than 100 employees working worldwide, they aim to find the fastest and most efficient imaging solutions for their customers.

FRAMOS® is a registered trademark with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.
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