Axivion Suite Release 7.0 features Python-3 upgrade, new graphical configuration interface and availability for macOS
Stuttgart/Germany, July 23, 2020 – The latest release 7 of the Axivion Suite from Axivion, the manufacturer of innovative software solutions for static code analysis and protection against software erosion, is now available. Innovations in the latest version of the tool suite for automated static code analysis and architecture checking include in particular the upgrade to Python 3, the new graphical configuration interface for simplified configuration of e.g. MISRA and metric checks, and – after Windows and Linux – the availability of Axivion Suite for macOS.

After the discontinuation of Python 2 by the end of April 2020, the migration to Python 3 is an important part of the release 7.0 of the Axivion Suite. The tool suite now supports the use of both Python 3.7 and 3.8.

Apple users will be happy to learn that the Axivion Suite is now also available for macOS. Up to now, the tool suite was primarily used on Windows and Linux operating systems, but due to the increasing demand on the customer side, Axivion is making its tools available for Mac users with the new release.

The new graphical configuration interface of the Axivion Suite benefits all users. While previously only textual configuration of the various code and architecture analyses was possible, users can now use the new uniform configuration system and analysis framework to make settings for MISRA checks or individual metric checks, among other things. For example, threshold values can be set conveniently and intuitively in the simplified graphical metrics configuration, from which a rule violation is displayed. Illustrations in both the modern and the classic dashboard also provide a plus in user-friendliness: In the user interface, architecture violations and cycles are displayed clearly and thus are quickly comprehensible.

Additional new features in the Axivion Suite include support for C# 7.2 and 7.3 and for Git submodules, as well as compliance with MISRA-C:2012 Amendment 1 Security Rules and Amendment 2. Issue details and markers can now be displayed not only in an overall analysis but also in a single-file analysis. Furthermore, the documentation is now available in HTML format instead of just PDF. Further information on the Axivion Suite 7.0 is available at A free evaluation of the static code analysis in Axivion Suite 7.0 is available at

For customers who would like to use the new release as an opportunity to check their configurations and, if necessary, to further optimize them, Axivion offers migration and configuration support through their Professional Services Team. Information about these services is available via direct contact with

About Axivion Suite

The Axivion Suite is a mature tool suite for automated static code analysis and architecture checks. It reliably localizes style violations, dead and cloned code, metric outliers, cyclic dependencies and architecture violations. Especially for complex development projects with globally distributed design teams, Axivion Suite ensures the quality and long-term maintainability of the source code. Further information about the Axivion Suite is available at
About Axivion

Axivion, based in Stuttgart, Germany, is a provider for innovative software solutions for static code analysis and for protection from software erosion. The core product of Axivion is the Axivion Suite, a tool suite for the improvement of software quality and maintainability of software systems implemented in the programming languages C, C++ and C#. In addition to static code analysis, the tool suite includes innovative software tools for architecture verification and clone management. Moreover, the tool suite detects software erosion factors such as cycles, dead code and violations of programming rules. Axivion’s MISRA checker covers 100% of all automatically testable MISRA rules for the standards MISRA C:2004, MISRA C:2012  (including Amendment 1 security rules and Amendment 2), and MISRA C++:2008. Furthermore, the AUTOSAR C++14 styleguide as well as the CERT® programming rules for secure software development are supported. The Professional Services Team of Axivion offers methods and training concepts as well as service and consulting to support customers to assure an effective and efficient rollout of the tools.

Axivion’s customers are companies that develop innovative technical software across different industries, e.g. industrial automation, automotive, railway, electronics, information and telecommunication, avionics, medical, mechanical engineering, as well as measurement, control and regulation technology.

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Axivion Suite Release 7.0 features Python-3 upgrade, new graphical configuration interface and availability for macOS
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Axivion Suite Release 7.0 features Python-3 upgrade, new graphical configuration interface and availability for macOS

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