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17.09.2021 11:15 AT&S wins a Futurezone Award 2021 with “Air Cavities”
Leoben, September 17, 2021 – With the advancing digitalization, the demands on the digital infrastructure will increase massively in the coming years. In particular, the new 5G mobile communications standard will increase the data volume exponentially. "These rapidly growing amounts of data have to be processed, transmitted and stored with the least possible time delay and the smallest possible losses," explains Hannes Voraberger, Director R&D at the Styrian high-tech group AT&S. After all, the slightest delay - in the case of self-driving cars, for example - could already have fatal consequences. This is exactly where the award-winning innovation from AT&S comes in. "We have dealt intensively with new materials, manufacturing processes, and design features for innovative interconnection solutions and found a way to specifically place air chambers in the circuit board and reduce dielectric loss to an absolute minimum," says Voraberger.
12.07.2021 13:00 Close cooperation agreed – Dato' Seri Mohamed Azmin Ali visits AT&S in Leoben
Leoben, July 12, 2021 – Innovative strength, technology leadership, and solution orientation have made AT&S one of the world's largest and most successful suppliers of advanced interconnect technologies. With its current expansion step – a new plant for IC substrates – AT&S is expanding its geographical footprint and will be represented in Malaysia in the future. During a visit to AT&S's Group headquarters in Leoben Hinterberg, a delegation from the Malaysian Senior Minister of Economy and Industry, Dato' Seri Mohamed Azmin Ali, was able to see for themselves AT&S's innovative strength and to discuss further cooperation steps and future projects with the Management Board team.
05.07.2021 11:00 1 mm² in size and 1 gram in weight
Leoben, July 5, 2021 – The image sensor is smaller than a grain of rice, lighter than a postage stamp but more powerful than any previous development of its kind. With a size of 1 mm² and a weight of about 1 gram, the image sensor is so small that it can not only be installed in smartphones, VR cameras, and other wearables but can also be integrated into medical applications such as endoscopes...
21.04.2021 13:00 AT&S uses “smart” quality controls in PCB production
Leoben, 21. April 2021 – Printed circuit boards are the nervous system of all electronic devices. Whether for mobile devices or in the automotive, industrial and medical sectors. The areas of application are diverse, as is the production. Around 150 complex work steps are required for a single circuit board before it is ready for use.
11.03.2021 11:30 Through the production hall with a helmet camera
Leoben, 11 March 2021 – Wearing a helmet camera as we know it from ski races on TV, or a smartphone gimbal, a technician is walking through the production hall showing a customer, with whom he is connected, the important production steps in manufacturing a high-tech printed circuit board...
28.01.2021 10:00 Fauna – Glasses that let you listen
Leoben/Graz, January 28, 2021 - They look like glasses, but are capable of much more. The audio glasses "Fauna", from the Austrian startup Fauna (available at, are not only a designer piece made of high-quality material, fashionable frame shapes and colors, but also a technological ma...
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